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Chapter 22
A groan escaped my lips as I woke up. Damn...yesterday was as crazy as heck... My body feels so darn beat... Ugh...doubt that I could move...

...strange that I'm lying on an earthy ground and not on the metallic floor of the...train...though...?

...I rode the train...didn't I?

...but...why...? ...wha?

Even though I'm covered in fur, I can positively tell that I'm lying on an earthy ground. Gah... This is useless... I opened my eyes and squinted after the bright...everything welcomed my sleepy eyes. Took me a few seconds for my eyes to adjust, and I saw that I was indeed lying on the ground. Ahead was...uhm... On the left was a peaceful stream, while on the right was a line of trees, probably an edge of a forest or something...

“He's awake!”

“GAH!” I jumped back in fright after a huge white face flashed before my eyes. As I landed back on the ground, however... “F-F-Fay?!”

“The one and only!” the Rattata stood on her hind legs and twirled in place, and bowed to me like a ballerina would.

“Stop scaring him! Geez,” a familiar voice echoed from my right. I turned and saw the rest of her friends standing up. “One of these days, you're gonna give him a heart attack!” Shock scolded her, but Fay appeared to have not heard him. “ went through the other ear, didn't it...?”

Saur and Vixie chuckled.

Okay, I'm totally missing something here... Also, strange that I no longer feel weak nor hurt all over... Anyway... “Could anyone please explain what's going on?” I looked at Fay, and then at the group, and then at Fay again, and I'm starting to get annoyed at her innocent smile.

“Oh! Oh!” the Rattata excitingly jumped in place, smiling wide. “Can I tell the story? Can I? Can I?”

“By all means,” Shock glared at her, “no.”

“Aw...” her ears and smile drooped.

“But you can add your comments in the story,” Saur said.

“Really?” her ears stood up and her smile was back...

“Stop encouraging her...” Shock facepalmed. I sat down (after kicking my tail out of the way) as he and the others joined their rat friend. “Okay, where to start...”

“We were so worried about you so we went to the city despite the danger and there were crashings and noises everywhere(!) and then we asked a few Hoothoots of where you are and we went to this HUGE huge human building but the humans were busy looking at what they called an ‘accident’ so I followed your scent to the huge and speedy metal thingy that didn't move so we took you and brought you here! The end!” Fay said with a huge and toothy smile. “Nice pink collar, by the way!”

...and that's how to make a short summary...

“That...actually sums it all up...” Shock sighed in relief, probably thankful not to tell a long story.

I pulled the collar off of me and threw it to Fay, which she caught with her paws happily. “Go crazy with it.”

Fay actually giggled like a child and started playing with it...thankfully, not in a dirty way...

“But I was hurt all ov—”

“Saur used Synthesis,” Vixie explained.


“But Joe—”

“Jay,” I corrected.

“Whatever,” Shock rolled his eyes. “What in Giratina's marbles were you doing there?! We heard that you caused that wreck back in that human city!”

...I wonder if things would have been easier if I told them everything about me...and I wonder why I am not mad at them for destroying my chances of going to Kanto... Huh, now that I think about it, I can't seem to get angry with them for ruining my chances to get to Kanto.

...weird, but anyway... Shock was still giving me an angry glare. Saur and Vixie wore neutral expressions. Fay's busy with fun world.

“Um...may I explain?”

“By all means,” the Pikachu hissed, and I cringed, strangely feeling guilty for some reason...

“Shock,” Vixie spoke, making the Pikachu to take a huge breath to calm down.

“Sorry... Sorry...” Shock said, still breathing in and out to calm himself.

Saur nodded for me to talk.

“Well, uhm... I was...trying to go to Kanto.”

“I thought you said that you went to the city to go and look for some human?” Vixie asked, blinking.

“I was,” I nodded. “But I learned that he wasn't in the city anymore, and is in Kanto.”

“But why the wreckage?” Shock asked.

“A couple of humans and dog Pokémon were trying to stop I...tried to force my way to that train so I could get to Kanto.”

“What's a train?” the Vulpix asked.

“The ‘huge and speedy metal thingy that didn't move’,” I explained together with air quotes.

Shock nodded. “Okay. Things are understandable.” He nodded again and gave me a small, apologetic smile. “So...I guess we ruined your chance to get to Kanto, huh?”

Strange that they know the region names, yet they don't know what a train is. Aw well...

I shrugged and smiled. “I'm not angry though...which is strange, even for me.” I'm actually glad to see these four again, but eh...I'd rather not tell them to avoid being sappy and all...

The three smiled back, and I then noticed that Fay's four paws were tied by the collar, and she was giggling while hopping in place, trying to keep her balance, but eh, I guess the force of my stare must have pushed her to the stream.

Her friends didn't seem to mind, until I told them that the Rattata's paws were tied. The two panicked while Saur sighed and fished the rat out with a vine. Shock and Vixie scolded the laughing Fay while Saur was trying to pull the collar off of her paws.

Yeah, I am really glad to see them again.

...and I guess it's about time that I told them who I reall am... I should brace myself...

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