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    Originally Posted by SpokeyDokey View Post
    By virtue of this, I do believe people can and ultimately will fall romantically in love with actual robots. If a deep and more the right type of affection is felt for something sentient or non-sentient, existing or non-existing, it will simplify one's life. It goes without saying that as a vital part of a functioning society (in the future) they would be real members of that society. Whether or not they can develop emotions depends on the programming, would it not?

    I have not read everyone's post here, but what you seem to be indirectly discussing is The Singularity. If you are interested, here is a link to the Wikipedia page. The Singularity posits notions both more complex and more tangible than the ones presented in the OP.
    That's what I want to hear, someone who also loves non-sentient objects.

    This thread is based on a time immediately prior to the singularity to make it a bit more thought provoking. I mean if AI had surpassed human intelligence to an extent, there are complications that come in to play which we can't begin to fathom. That's only because after the singularity we have no idea what to expect.

    That video however is interesting, terrifyingly interesting. It makes me hate commercialism even more.
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