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Chapter 24
I discovered that the beach where I confessed my secret was west from Goldenrod City. I learned this after I quietly followed Shock and the others, who were heading east.

We went around the city though, careful not to be seen while we were running through an open route.

We spent two days walking, eating, talking and resting before we reached the bottom of the cliff. We were thankful that it was a clear afternoon while we were climbing up the cliff. If it was a windy or stormy afternoon, then it'd be a totally different story.

I was so tired by the time we reached the top, and so were the others, so we decided to camp for the night, since the sun was also about to set.

We sat in a circle, lying on our bellies. We rested as we tried to catch our breaths before one or two of us would collect something to eat, like, berries.

During our little dinner, we talked for a few about random things. Almost all of those random things were questions about me and my previous life as a human. Shock was still doubtful though, but our anger towards each other has faded long ago, and we occasionally talk and smile at each other, which was good.

I was the first to wake up when a cold drop of water hit my nose. At first, I thought it was going to rain, but when I looked up, the sleepy dark-blue morning sky was clear. I then heard faint giggling noises from the bushes. A quick look and I saw an Azurill playfully squirting water at the fleeing Sentret. They didn't notice me as they chased each other deeper into the forest.

After everyone woke up, we took a quick breakfast, berries once again, before we continued on our way back to Celebi's pond. It's the third day since we started going back to Ilex Forest, and I started to wonder if Celebi was still there. Vixie and the others did say that Celebi only came back to check up on things and then would be gone for who knows how long.

Then again, none of the four were showing signs of concern that Celebi might be long gone before we even arrive at the place. So I guess that's a good sign that Celebi will still be there. Either that, or it never occurred to them that it's been three days now, and the chances of Celebi still being there is close to zero percent...

“—so what do you think, Jay?” I snapped back to reality after Fay turned her head over her shoulder to look at me. I was still tailing their little group from behind though.

“Er...sure, I guess?” I hope that was the right answer...

The others turned to me with arched eyebrows. Eh, nope... Not the right answer...

“Me being born as a Pikachu has something to do with me not devolving into a Pichu, and you answered with ‘sure, I guess’?” Shock frowned.

“Clearly, he wasn't paying attention,” Saur noted.

I deadpanned. “Thanks, Captain Obvious. Clearly, I wasn't.” I shook my head. “Anyway, a Pichu?”

...I haven't really thought about it until now. Shock's an evolved form! So...

“...shouldn't you be a Pichu?” I asked.

He frowned. “That's what the others kept on asking me back in the pond. So, welcome to their club.”

I rolled my eyes. “Seriously though... Why aren't you a Pichu? Then again... I can't imagine a tough and hot-headed guy like you being a Pichu.”

Shock glared at me as the others chuckled. “Ha ha... Funny.” He shook his head and looked ahead. “Anyway, as I've said, I was born as a Pikachu, and so were my siblings back home... I'm from a clan of Pikachus in the Kanto region.”

Eh? “Viridian Forest?”

“That's what the humans call that forest, and I really hate that name,” the Pikachu said. “But us Pokémon call it Green Forest. Because the forest's leaves were a lot greener than any other forest. Even this one.”

“I...think viridian means blue-green... I think...”

Shock shook his head. “Whatever. It's Green Forest, and since you're a Pokémon, and clearly not a human, you should call it Green Forest and not Vivi-whatever.”

I frowned and was about to complain, but Vixie shot me an amused look and shook her head. I rolled my eyes and sighed. “Fine. Green Forest it is. At least it's easier to say...”

“So...” Fay asked. “What do you think? Why isn't Shock a Pichu?”

Erm...yes... That question... I almost forgot. Hm... “Well... The phenomenon made all Pokémon to return to their basic forms, and couldn't evolve. At least, that's what I found out while I was in the city. Buuut... Shock's still a Pikachu. So... I think that...uhm... He's a lucky one to escape the weird ‘return to basic’ black magic thingy, or because it's in his DNA or genes that his basic form is a Pikachu, and why the heck are you two laughing?!”

I frowned at Fay and Vixie, who were laughing at my answer slash explanation.

“Do all humans talk that weird?” Fay laughed. “Basic? Magic? Dee en ey? Jins? What?”

My frown went further down. “Yeah, ha hah. Go laugh your asses off...”

Shock and Saur chuckled.

“Seems we're even now,” Shock grinned.

I glared at him for a few moments before I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, whatever. Are we there yet?”

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