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    I see most of us think similarly, beating Brock was a challenge the first time but on later playthroughs I caught a Mankey. Mankey's Low Kick KO's Brocks Onix hardcore, the game describes Low Kick as a low tripping kick that inflicts more damage on a heavier foes, such as Onix and Snorlax.
    The game does seem to go terribly slow until after Vermillion City.
    Rock Tunnel was so annoying as was Mt. Moon to a lesser extent, the constant trainer battle's and Zubat attacks.
    The music in Lavender Town and Pokemon Tower was creepy after awhile.
    Not having enough space in the bag was annoying, But The Most Annoying Of All Was Wrap, I lost to many easily winnable matches on stadium to a Tentacruel or other pokemon using wrap, it takes ten minutes to KO a Snorlax and Dragonite with that attack and it never ends RRRRR, it happened just the other day when I fired the N64
    up and took on the Elite 4 Round 2, it made me so mad RRRRRRR. Thank god Fire Red, Leaf Green and Emerald are better off.
    If you play Gen 3 especially Fire Red / Leaf Green or Emerald on Visual Boy Advance,
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