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From beneath the horizon comes a small, blurry figure. With a sound of walking in sand, increasing in volume, the shade takes on a deep-green coloration, and their shape slowly comes into view. The shade transforms into a Turtwig, saddened looks adorning his face. He comes closer to the end of the beach ever so slowly, as if it was trying to delay his arrival with the remainders of his will.

From the nearby rocks, shimmering after the sun caresses their scarlet skin, comes a group of Krabby, moving in non-defined patterns, always walking from side to side. Pincers clasping as they walk closer to the edge of the nearby rocks, pronouncing their names rhythmically and with perfect tempo as they stop and clasp their pincers in unison, joining the calming sea breeze and constant flowing of the seas.

Stopping by the edge of the beach, with an empty stare, Sotelo the Turtwig sits on his stomach, stubby legs stretched out as he simply lays there, staring at the setting sun, and the orange blanket that began covering the surroundings. Sighing, as he began to watch the Krabby beginning to blow bubbles around.

As the light began to flicker and dance across the increasing amount of bubbles that were seen around, he sighed once more.

It's been a while now, and I still haven't found a way back.

01.1: Hey, I Just Met You!

Don't let go!"

You had trouble sleeping, and thoughts and snippets of conversations that went like the previous flicker ever so constantly across your head. You hear rumbling, and lightning as well. A lightning storm, perhaps? You're not entirely sure, but it's not like you can make up what these random conversations and blurry images mean as a whole.

As you open your eyes, you detect a few things: sand, you're lying over it, and may or may not have eaten some while unconscious. It's almost noon, with the sun about to finish setting in the horizon. The relaxing sound of waves colliding against said sand reverberates thru your ears and, most importantly, there's some Turtwig yelling and being panicked at you, running in circles while rambling nonsense.

"OhmygoshareyouokayImeanohmygoshwahthashappenedjustnowandwhywereyoujustwashedupoutoftheblueandohmygoshareyouhurtjust oh my god!" Spits the turtle Pokémon, his words tripping with themselves creating a sound that is almost unintelligible.

React. You will notice the fact that you're not the only one lying on the sand. There are several other Pokémon, and right now none of them remembers anything other than their names and the fact that they were humans before whatever is happening right now. Interact afterwards. Introduce yourselves, then wait for the next GM Post.

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