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    Madison Campbell

    ??? - ???

    Theme song:

    Nickname: Maddy

    Age: 13

    Sex: Female

    Personality: "Who is it that chooses our steps in the dance? Who drives us mad? Lashes us with whips and crowns us with victory when we survive the impossible? Who is it, that does all of these things? Who honors those we love for the very life we live? Who sends monsters to kill us, and at the same time sings that we will never die? Who teaches us what's real and how to laugh at lies? Who decides why we live and what we'll die to defend? Who chains us? And Who holds the key that can set us free... It's You. You have all the weapons you need. Now Fight!"

    Madison is the kind of girl that would think before she does something and still be indecisive at times. She's encouraging yet shy when meeting new people. Madison doesn't often smile or show any emotion at all yet she can be a crybaby when the emotions she has been holding back are overflowing. Madison is in one word: strange. She's often found reading books in her free time whenever she's not trying to survive and all alone. She doesn't trust others easily and is afraid to love. She has little hope left that the world can be restored to it's orginal state.

    Since Madison doesn't smile often since her mother and brother were killed but has another way to show when she's happy which is her eyes. She looks like to be smiling with her eyes when she's happy. Whenever she does smile with her mouth she melts your heart. She's beautiful but isn't aware of this since she only seems to be caring about surviving rather than her appearence. She can come over as a mysterious type when you just meet her.

    History: Madison was raised in Veilstone city where she spend most of her childhood together with her older brother who she loved a lot. They lived in a cave and her her father wasn't around most of the time but henever he was around it wasn't a pleasant time since he often gave physical punishments whenever she or her brother asked something or did something wrong. Whenever he was gone their mother tried to give them some of the love that they deserved. Madison usually felt bored and asked her mother to teach her things like reading since she was interested in the books that her mother hid from her father. Madison's mother eventually started teaching her how to read which she had learned from her grandmother who was a teacher at an elementary school before the world went into it's "darker days". Madison learned fast and eventually was able to read childish books on her own.

    However, this seemed about to change when their father found out about the loving treatment her mother gave to them when he was gone. He abused her pretty badly and forced her to treat Madison and her brother the way he did. Her mother started physically punishing them as well and both Madison and her brother felt betrayed. As her mother refused to teach Madison any longer she tried reading everything herself. After some time Madison was able to read more difficult books that she found in empty buildings.

    As the punishments seemed to be getting worse every day, Madison's brother started protecting her from the punishments their parents would give them. One day their parents wouldn't give them food anymore so they started stealing it from their hiding place and tried finding food outside to fill their stomachs. After Madison came back from getting food from the woods, she found out that her brother was caught stealing food from the hiding place. She had to watch how her father thrusted his knife inside her brother's chest and died immediately at an age of 16. Madison ran away from the cave and went into the mountains. Her brother had told her that you could get a Pokémon spirit there and she had promised him that she would get one if he'd die. She met an Arcanine there that was willing to become her Pokémon spirit and so they fused. As she returned to the cave she heard that her parents were having an argument. Her father accused her mother for allowing her son to steal food. Madison watched from the corner how her father thrusted his knife in her mother's chest as well as she denied to have given permission.

    Madison cried as this all happened and was afraid when her father turned to her. He yelled at her and accused her for stealing food as well and charged at her, ready to kill his own daughter as well. Madison didn't know what to do but didn't want to die yet. She fused with the Arcanine that she had nicknamed "Airi" and defended herself from her father. Everything went blank for her and when she came back to senses, her father was burned to death.

    Madison ran away from the cave and started travelling from that day on. She kept reading books that she found in buildings and hid them away at that exact place in case she got past that building again. This eventually became an habit and Madison sometimes spend a whole day reading. These books brought her to happier place, one that didn't exist but was still able to make her forget about the dark world that she was living. She loved this feeling even when it was for just a few hours.

    After 2 years had past Madison decided to return to her old home. All that was left of her family were bones and stuff that they were holding at that time that nature couldn't digest. Between those stuff she found a silver bracelet with her brother's name on it that he had herited from their grandfather and he had herited from his grandfather. She took it and left the place that reminded her of the sorrowful events that happened two years ago. On her way to Eterna forest through Mt. Coronet she stumbled on another spirit, a Luxray. They fused as well and from that day on Madison was the wielder of two spirits. After another year of travelling, Madison decided to join the resistance.

    How does your character obtain food?: Scavenger

    Pokéspirit Species: Arcanine
    Ability: Flash Fire

    Pokéspirit Nickname: Airi

    Pokéspirit Personality: Airi is a kind hearted Arcanine but can be really fierce. She doesn't know what giving up means and often might go a bit far. She likes her owner because she's an intelligent young girl but often can be harsh towards her to make her stronger. She was with Madison when the sorrowful events happened and forcefully fused with her in other to protect her from her own father. Airi is very cautious when it comes to others. She doesn't trust everyone at first sight and often questions their stories. Airi's true wish is to see Madison's smile for the first time.

    Pokéspirit Moves:
    Appearence when fused: When fused with Airi, Madison receives the same red ears and fluffy blonde tail as Airi has. Her hair changes from dark red to golden blonde and is a bit more wild than usual while her eyes seem to have taken a red color. She takes some of Airi's personality traits like the fierce one and receives the same ability as Airi meaning she's immune to fire at that moment.

    Pokéspirit Species: Luxray
    Ability: Intimidate

    Pokéspirit Nickname: Levi (Pronouched Lee-vy)

    Pokéspirit Personality: Levi is extremely vicious and predatorial. He often encourages Madison to eat other humans when she can't find any other food to eat. He often gets into an argument with Airi because he often tries to take over Madison's mind to make her choose, what he believes, is the right choice. He sometimes shows deep affection for Madison when she's in danger even though he generally acts like he hates her personality and love for books.

    Pokéspirit Moves:
    Appearence when fused: When fused with Levi, Madison receives the same blue ears as Levi has and a black tail with a four-pointed star on the tip. Her hair turns from dark red to intense black and get spikier than usual. Madison's eyes change to hazel and her eyelids gets a red color, looking like red eye make-up. She becomes more stubborn and maybe a bit vicious, this varies at times. She also becomes a little bit more seductive because of Levi's attract move.

    Opening Post:

    "Madison! It's showtime!" A male voice yells out of nowhere.

    "Hmmmn..." The red haired girl that was sleeping on a bunch of leaves moans as she's being woken up by the strange voice.

    "Let Madison sleep! You've done enough to her yesterday you dastard!" A fierce but feminine voice yells back at the male voice.

    "Guys... stop fighting..." Madison slowly opened her eyes and sat up on her bed made of leaves, trying to figure what happened the other day because everything went blank after it got darker. "Levi... Were you trying to take over my mind again?" Madison asked curiously but not scared. She acted like it was something that happened every day but it didn't.

    "What?! No I didn't!" The Luxray spirit denied in her mind. "He did. You passed out after fighting against it." The Arcanine commented on Levi's lies.

    "I see." Madison stood up and kicked the leaves away to hid that she had slept on the ground in Eterna Forest. It would be unfortunate if any predators would find her sleeping place and wait for her here. It wasn't like she was going to return to this place but you couldn't be careful enough in these dark times.

    "Hey, Maddy, I think I saw berries not far away from here when we entered the forest yesterday." Levi spoke but was ignored. Maddy looked straight in front of her to search for the exit and tried to be cautious at the same time. "Maddy?" Levi called her when he didn't get a reply. "Are you ignoring me?!"

    "Airi, can you tell Levi that I'll talk to him again when he apologized?" Madison said with a soft and soothing voice.

    "Maddy said-" Airi got interupted. "I know what she said!"

    The young girl left the forest in search for the resistance that was led by a girl names "Lucy".

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