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    Quick question: I have gotten to the point where I have received Victini an I am wondering if I should replace my Musharna with him.

    Also, Is this a good team and move set?

    Musharna, Lv. 40. Psychic, Shadow Ball, Hypnosis, Dream Eater

    Typhlosion, Lv. 40. Flame Wheel, ThunderPunch, Quick Attack, Extrasensory

    Zebstrika, Lv. 39. Spark, Shock Wave, Pursuit, Stomp

    Dragonair, Lv. 40. Swift, Dragon Pulse, Icy Wind, Water Pulse

    Breloom, Lv. 40. Sky Uppercut, Mega Drain, Drain Punch, Leech Seed

    Swampert, Lv. 42. Muddy Water, Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, Ice Punch

    Any feedback would be nice, I'm trying to beat the game! Thanks!

    P.S. Love u, DRG! You are the best hacker ever!

    BTW, I use an IPhone, so I do NOT use hacking. It ruins the whole fun of the game.