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    Chapter Five: What's A Requiem?

    As the trio of friends walked into the Viridian Pokemon Center, Coals and Blizzard were talking up a storm. Mandy looked frazzled by all this and finally just yelled for them to shut up. Everyone in the Pokemon Center looked at her weirdly, like she was some freakish little girl.
    "Sorry, but can you PLEASE keep it at a whisper? You're driving me insane!" Mandy told her two friends.
    "Sure thing, Mandy!" Blizzard replied.
    "We're sorry to have bugged you." Coals answered solemnly.
    After these apologies, Mandy pulled out an ocarina of sorts and played a soothing melody. It was a slow-tempoed song, one that soothed you from the inside out. It was almost like Lugia's Song, except... it seemed more like a lullaby.
    "She's not playing The Requiem of Fire, is she?" Blizzard questioned.
    "I'm afraid so." Coals answered.
    And with that, both Blizzard and Coals fell asleep on the spot. Mandy grinned, whispering into a phone, "I got them, daddy. I'm at the Viridian Pokemon Center. Meet me outside, okay?". She smiled, looked at the two Pokemon, and said, "Wait till you see what's in store for you two..."
    And she smiled, for she was about to...

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