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    I've made my first custom (not recreated) town!

    It is currently called: Ye First Hydros Town. So i'd appericiate ideas for a name

    It is a small town/city (not sure) surrounded by mountains, and 3 linked dungeons that take you around the town. Up on the mountains is the PokeMart and a path leading down (where someone gives you a pokemon) and a path leading up (where you will be chasing team rocket later)

    You come from the route below which is actually the first place to go to when you arrive in Hydros. The House, resembling the front gate of the pokemon league, is where guards will check to see if you can enter Hydros. And you will have to fight a trainer to prove your strength.

    And Im not going to spoil the game anymore for you!

    Ill tell you one more thing (ill post a screen when ive made one )

    When you change region, it will show a little screen showing the world map (from the town map). Also at the bottom it will display the regions badges and the league badge (if there is a league)
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