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Melemele Island
I've technically played through a bit of the game already, so this log and the next island will be going off memory. I didn't want to miss the opportunity to complete a diary of my journey though, and I wasn't aware of this section when I began the game.

I will be using this to log Pokemon I catch for my team, evolutions, and journey milestones. I will not be logging Pokemon caught and sent immediately to the PC (Pokedex catches).

So lets get started with my Melemele island adventures!

Update Log

• Chose Rowlet as my starter pokemon, based purely on how freaking cute he was.
• Caught Pikipek on route 1.
• Caught Slowpoke on route 1.
• Obtained Muchlax via Mystery Gift.
• Completed the trainer school.
• Played through until reaching the trials, nothing exciting - no new pokemon caught.

Verdant Cavern Trial Team

Update Log

• Pikipek evolved into Trumbeak!
• Defeated Hau at the Melemele Meadow, battle was pretty easy.

Grand Trial Team

Update Log

• Caught Rockruff at Ten Carat Hill.

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