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  • Hey, did you get the message that I wanted to ad you to my daughter's account? Her name is Tristiny1
    Ahh yeah I have :0 Should I post there instead? the rules for the challenge log board said that monotypes were ok for doing ur own thread so I figured it'd be fine lol

    eta: actually now that i look at it, yeah, i'm pretty much just doing the same challenge as the one on the thread lol. I'll post over there then, thank you for your help :)
    What inexplicably brought you back?

    Eh, I've been so switched off the last couple days. Can't seem to get going.

    And tomorrow, more fun, I have to go get a new tire from the guy I bought a mostly used one from, because one of them turned out to be total trash. I should've checked it better, but at last it's covered via warranty.
    Damn sure going to remedy that. But more tedious crap.
    : /

    Well turns out you may have gotten the same message many times over while I was trying to figure things out....sorry.
    Sorry I tried sending a message earlier but I think something might be off cause its not working....
    oh nice! yeah i love brisbane, it's so laidback and chill (and such good weather)

    i moved up here for a year for a job as well! heading back to melbourne in a couple months to wrap up my degree though
    Woah nice! I hope that works out well for you, it sounds really interesting. :) I'm no good at any of that, I've just been fumbling my way through any coding work I need to do. :')
    You're a software developer? :O what types of software have you worked on?
    Oh do you? ^~^ Thanks.
    Sorry for getting back to ya so late, I was somehow busy the past few days.
    I brew mind at home and I would like to starting making my own tea. Like buying a black tea and adding some other stuff like hibiscus, mint, etc. A project for this summer maybe.
    By favorite teas are you asking for kinds of tea, compagny or a particular tea?

    I do love black tea, and I really like Green tea and oolong. Not a fan of Rooibos as they tend to add a lot of sugar where I buy them and no caffein D: White tea is just too picky hehe and herbal... meh.... I usually buy at Davids'tea, but I can't say it's the best. too sugary most of time, less and less natural... but it'S one of the only place near by that specialize in tea so... I buy ostly from there. What about you?
    I do like the peppermint tea too! My favorite are those with flowers, especially with rose.
    I had a tea once, Watermelon Mint. Sadly they don't sell it anymore and I ran out of this kind D: That was the best iced tea ever! Do you do your iced tea at home? Thenyou can add the sugar you want. I don't like sugary tea nether. Well I like some more sugary with the ingredients but I never add anymore sugar.
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