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Great, thanks for answering my questions.

Here's a partial SU with what I've written so far. It's missing Appearance and History at the moment. Looking forward to this!

EDIT: It's all done now!!

Name: Janek Tibor Kovac

Age: 29
Race: Hume
Gender: Male

Appearance: Why, thank you. It requires some thought to look proper, after all. We wouldnt want some grand lady in a carriage on the street to faint at the sight of a scruffy clanner, now would we? ...Pfft, who cares?

Janek Tibor Kovac is a young hume who, if he had the choice, would rather delve into the depths of the Gollund Mines or brave the Golmore Jungle, before hed attend another social event. Given his height of 57 and sturdy, rugged build, Janek would not fare badly in either instance.

In company, Janeks mouth and fox-like eyes are almost perpetually set in a polite smile. His sun-browned face sports a scattering of freckles and what appears to be a small set of bite-scars on either side of his skewed nose. Often for days at a time, Janek allows his facial hair to grow as a stubbly beard and mustache, matching the shade of his short, russet hair.

Janek will be found wearing a small, navy-blue cavaliers hat with a white chocobo feather; he is particular about keeping this hat with him at all times. Completing his outward attire of a Jack Knight is a knee-length cloak of the same blue, clasped just below the neck with a golden brooch. The sleeves are usually tucked into a pair of leather bracers that encase Janeks palms, allowing free movement of his fingers.

On a given day, Janek is seen wearing a tunic and leggings in simple blues or greens, sometimes in a casual fashion when he is focused on training or magick study. His leggings are tucked into a pair of battle boots, sometimes scarred if Janek isnt paying attention to what he puts on. Encircling his waist are two belts, one for the scabbard of his talwar and the other for a pair of belt pouches. Janek likes to keep a small journal, pen, and an Ether on hand.

Personality: Pardon me, but it is YA-nek, not JAN-ek. Say it with me, yes?

Janek feels more at home on the trail or in a library than when visiting with other people. He is polite enough in conversation and will smile courteously, shake hands, and other such rubbish, as he calls it. This stems in part from one of his parents teachings that image and first impressions are important, especially in meetings. Considering how his father liked to enforce this sometimes, Janek continues to live it, though grudgingly.

Niceties aside, he really is approachable, having a brighter outlook on life than many. Janek prefers to think that every person has a likable trait, yet first impressions tend to stick with him anyway. He has learned to remain calm and focused under stress or pressure, a necessity for many in his line of work. With an ear for listening, Janek has been privy to the personal troubles of clanmates and other people, particularly after they learn he will keep such knowledge confidential to himself.

In that vein of thought, Janek is at the same time prone to sarcasm and bluntness when asked about politics, social happenings, and stuck-up nobility. He doesnt feel that he has much influence beyond himself when it comes to society at large, so he will continue doing what he knows best. Every person can only be expected to do their part in life, after all, or so he says.

The two things that do get Janek excited are new bills and assignments, and when he feels hes found a new opportunity for studying and melding spells into new forms. Clan-work is difficult enough at times, and the more skilled and experienced a man becomes, the more often he is sought for more difficult tasks. Janek finds something fulfilling in doing such work, and this has fueled his other hobby: the study of spells.

Granted, he has a relatively limited repertoire of spells, but he still feels prompted to devise new uses for his magic. More often than not, this kind of study and experimentation, or playing around really, leaves Janek with small explosions and sometimes a burnt hand or face, but he isnt deterred. He will continue on, welcoming new challenges on the field and in whatever lab he can procure for his use.

History: You dont really want to hear about my life. ...Do you?

Due to severe health complications surrounding childbirth, Hynek Kazimir Kovac and Kevta Hajek-Kovac were warned against having a second child. Being an only child hasnt bothered Janek much, however, because what he saw and heard of his parents lives was exciting enough for him as a child. His father was a Commander in Custos Mercator, a large clan known for providing quality security to merchants, caravans, and individuals. With Hyneks stable employment, he was able to provide a home and two servants for Kevta and Janek while he left on various assignments, usually leaving the city of Dorter.

Janek was witness to both visits from women chatting with his mother, as well as visits from his fathers clan-mates or potential contractors. He was content at first to watch and listen, but as he grew toward his teen years, the visitors began asking too many questions about him. Will he follow in his fathers path? What has Janek been doing these days? Dont ye think its time ye leave that school an figger out what t do? Even though his parents, and particularly his father, encouraged him to learn some etiquette and manners, Janek began trying to avoid such visits. Thankfully, Kevta also took the time to teach him about magic, having been a Royal Mage herself. (He never quite figured out how or why she went from being a palace mage to marrying a merchant guard.)

With her extensive knowledge, Kevta recognized when Janek began displaying odd bits of magic as a child. He was eager to extend his understanding of this new ability, which one day resulted in freezing another students arm at school. Janeks mother began homeschooling him after that point, only to discover that he wasnt content with magic theory and practice alone. He simply did not want to be at home all the time. Around his 11th birthday, Janek watched his father and a clanmate sparring with swords, then decided he wanted to learn more about that. While it seemed surprising to both his parents, they helped him begin training in the ways of the Jack Knight.

This training went further when a few years later, Janek began accompanying his father on his assignments. Over time, he grew more competent, yet he began to sense a vague dislike coming from the leader of Custos Mercator, Baron Marten Dominicus Van Hassel. When he asked Hynek about this, the response was that Van Hassel preferred specialists over hybrid classes, seeing that he could afford to send both a swordsman and a magick-user on the same assignment. In other words, he saw hybrids who could not master either aspect as inferior (though sometimes unavoidably necessary).

Surprised at this kind of attitude and that his father would still work with such a man, Janek decided around the age of 17 that it was time for him to set off from home and start his own life. Being his first time living away from home, he encountered a small dose culture shock via entirely new kinds of bills at the pubs, and not having a solid source of funds to fall back on. Janek struggled to find work from week to week, until he met Clan Kifius, headed by a gria Aerosmith called Cloe Bonheur. She was hesitant to accept someone as young as Janek into the clan, but after his support in bringing down a mark, Cloe conceded.

Clan Kifius travelled throughout Ivalice and sometimes into one of the surrounding countries, picking up bills with varying degrees of success. Janek learned how to adapt to different circumstances, and he continued playing around with his spells to see what more he could figure out. All the same, he continued to be of great help, gradually earning the respect of Cloe and the clan-members.

About two years after joining Clan Kifius, Janek found a bill that spoke of travellers being harried by ghosts as they passed Lake Poescas. Considering how he hadnt encountered ghosts or the kind before, Janek brought the bill to Cloes attention, and she agreed that the clan should investigate. Besides, if they found a threat too great for them to handle, then they could retreat and report it to one of the Thirteen Orders. And so began Janeks first big exposure to creatures of the arcane.

After skirting the shores of the dried lake late at night and finding nothing pertinent to them, Cloe sent a moogle Black Cavalier into the lakebed for scouting, on account of the chocobos speed. Hardly ten seconds later, the black chocobo returned in a fright, his rider William shuddering and wordless. The group prepared for battle as behind William, an oversoul and several wraiths appeared one by one.

With a Holycaster present, Clan Kifius decided to stand and fight, and at first they held their ground. Janek himself was shaken at first, but a few minutes into the battle, his resolve hardened as the Holycaster and Cloe both fell prone to a Doomcaster that appeared on the scene. In short, the battle ended with the Doomcaster and oversoul fleeing the scene, and Janek and a seeq Corsair named Zack the only ones still conscious.

Naturally, after regaining consciousness, Cloe took Janek with her to the city surrounding Limberry Castle in order to report the incident. However, it seemed that nobody at the castle was taking them seriously, or at least nobody that they could meet. What proof had they, after all, of a battle with ghosts? To Janek, this seemed a point against the nobility in his book that they werent willing to listen. The next step was to send a messenger to Fort Besselat, because the Order of Kingmarch at least should look into something involving the arcane. Right?

A few days later, while Clan Kifius rested and waited for a response, Janek got word from Dorter that his father required his presence. He only said it regarded his sons future, so as a dutiful son, Janek returned to his fathers home. Zack the corsair tagged along because, in his own words, I want a change o scenery, ye know, afte that little incident.

Class(es): Jack Knight

A favorite among certain duelists, the Talwar has also been known to be used by palace guards throughout the countries. While Janek has little interest in either, he favors its hand guard and the fact that this saber was one of many swords forged by Chitas Weaponers. [Weapon. Greatly improves attack power.]

Though it is claimed that a hero-king of old wore this kind of garment, the Wygar Cloak is likely only advertised as such by those seeking to make a profit. Nevertheless, having been reinforced with magic, the cloak is appreciated by those who wear it and survive battles and assassination attempts. [Cloak/Armor. Moderately improves physical defense, slightly improves resistance, grants immunity to Instant Incapacitation/OHKO.]

It helps to look classy and unique, does it not? A sturdy, navy blue Cavaliers Hat adorned with a feather plucked from a white chocobo, replacing the more traditional hat of a Jack Knight. [Headgear. Provides minimal boost to defense and resistance.]

To hold up hair, use a hairpin; to wear a cloak, wear a brooch. This Gold Brooch also defends the wearer against magic and becoming mute. [Accessory. Slightly improves resistance, grants immunity to the Silence ailment.]

These Leather Bracers are designed to protect without interfering with the business of combat. [Gloves. Provides minimal boost to defense.]

Leather Battle Boots are often standard fare for those who can't afford better boots, and those who don't afford to care. [Footwear. Provides minimal boost to defense.]

Active Skills

active/MULTITASKING [B+] [Jack Knight, Class]
Due to the demands of their disciplines, Jack Knights have to be capable of casting spells while swinging a sword. Through extensive training, these warriors have hardened their focus enough to alternate seamlessly between physical and magical attacks. Such concentration does, however, tire one out rather quickly, and so Multitasking must be used in moderation. While active, Jack Knights can concentrate on the mental preparations of spellcasting even while fighting enemies with sword in hand. As such, their attacks land in rapid succession, which may overwhelm the foe, giving them no chance to retaliate.

active/REFLECT [C-] [Jack Knight, Personal]
Adds Reflect, a Rank C- Astralcast spell, to Janeks spell repertoire.

active/ARISE [B+] [Jack Knight, Personal]
Adds Arise, a Rank B+ Holycast spell, to Janeks spell repertoire.

active/REFRESH [B+] [Jack Knight, Personal]
Adds Refresh, a Rank B+ Holycast spell, to Janeks spell repertoire.

Passive Skills

passive/SURE-FOOTED [B-] [Jack Knight, Class]
As masters of adaptation, Jack Knights can fight unhindered in any terrain and weather conditions. They are capable of swimming, enduring desert heat, finding their footing on icy ground, and anything else you can name. As such, Jack Knights can fight to their maximum potential even in unfavorable circumstances.

passive/PIERCE [B-] [Jack Knight, Personal]
Through his attempts to understand and reverse-engineer the Reflect spell, Janek developed a passive Pierce ability that allows him to bypass the Reflect buff with his spells.

passive/RESILIENCE [A] [Jack Knight, Personal]
Through training, various exposures, and experience, Janek has developed a stronger Resilience to status ailments, granting him ~85% chance to avoid being inflicted with a debuff.

Demon Factor Skills

demonfactor/PRIMAL BOOST [EX+] [Jack Knight, Class]
Primal Boost is a technique that forces both body and mind to work at their maximum capacity, heightening the physical and magical capabilities of its user. When activated, this ability boosts all of the Jack Knights parameters by 50%, and bestows upon them the buffs Protect and Shell, further increasing durability. Primal Boost is unexpectedly lenient on the body: it lasts ten minutes, and can be used up to four times a day, with at least twenty-minute intervals inbetween uses.

demonfactor/REND DEFENSES [EX+] [Jack Knight, Personal]
Through many trials and errors, Janek was able to piece together a technique that would achieve the opposite of Protect and Shell. When activated, Rend Defenses imbues the users physical and magical attacks with energy that, four times out of five, lowers an enemys defense and resistance by 30% for up to ten minutes. Rend Defenses is active for up to five minutes at a time and can be used up to three times a day, with one-hour intervals in between uses.

demonfactor/SHIELD AND HEAL [EX+] [Jack Knight, Personal]
After a dire situation forced him to cobble together different spells into one, Janek took the time to refine what he dubs Shield and Heal. When cast, the user forms a durable bubble shield up to five meters radius. The shield can take a large amount of damage before it would break, and the user can focus on pieces of it to reinforce such patches. It also has a 50% chance of Reflecting magic back at casters. Units inside the shield are imbued with healing equal to one Cure spell per minute. Shield and Heal requires the users complete focus and can be maintained for up to ten minutes, shorter if the shield is larger or if it is destroyed. This spell can only be used twice a day, with three-hour intervals in between uses.

Spell Repertoire:
Primary Elecast


Fire (inflicts Fire-elemental damage) [C-] [Jack Knight, Inherent]
Thunder (inflicts Lightning-elemental damage) [C-] [Jack Knight, Inherent]
Blizzard (inflicts Ice-elemental damage) [C-] [Jack Knight, Inherent]


Fira (inflicts moderately powerful Fire-elemental damage) [C+] [Jack Knight, Inherent]
Thundara (inflicts moderately powerful Lightning-elemental damage) [C+] [Jack Knight, Inherent]
Blizzara (inflicts moderately powerful Ice-elemental damage) [C+] [Jack Knight, Inherent]



Cure (restores HP to multiple targets) [C-] [Jack Knight, Inherent]
Protect (buff, reduces physical damage taken) [C] [Jack Knight, Inherent]
Shell (buff, reduces magical damage taken) [C] [Jack Knight, Inherent]


Arise (brings an ally back from incapacitation with full health) [B+] [Jack Knight, skill-based]
Refresh (cures all status ailments) [B+] [Jack Knight, skill-based]



Reflect (bestows the Reflect buff, which will reflect back all magic directed at the target) [C-] [Jack Knight, skill-based]

Roleplay Sample:
After leaning close to the walls map for a long minute, Janek rubbed the side of his nose and asked, Where exactly is Balfonheim Port?

Eh? The corsair behind him slammed his mug on the table and wiped his mouth. Whatre ye on about, lad?

Balfonheim Port, Janek repeated, continuing to pore over the map. It is where my hat was shipped from, you know.

Snorting with laughter, the corsair said, Shipped, my mug. Yed be swindled outta yer inheritance ifn ye made that trip, no doubt about it.

No, no, I was merely curious about where it is. I wont be adding that to my trip. He returned to his pacing around the room, hands behind his back. Although I may as well, if it would cut short my time in Lesalia. This invitation stinks of socializing, Zack, even if there might be something of importance.

Dontcha know yer lucky? Zack asked before draining his mug for the fifth time. Ye seen me life, ye seen me pappys life, ye seen th beggars life. He chuckled then, pouring more cider for himself. Though I be lucky tha yer pops put in a good word fer me, no doubt about it.

Janek eased himself into a chair across the table from Zack, eyebrow raised. You, sir, are lucky that you have time to be yourself. Frowning at the dangerously low level of cider in the pitcher, he asked, How do you afford to drink that much every day, anyway?

The corsair grinned widely. Clans n loot, mate, clans n loot. Pubs got bills evry day, yknow. After another swig, Zack burped. Rminds me, there be this strange bill down there now. Too vague fer my likin, but it mentions headin t Lesalia.

His interest was piqued now. Whatever for?

Beats me. Zack paused, brow furrowed as he dug through his dull memory. Huhh...lookin fer talent, ifn I remember right...but hey! His fist knocked the table as he grinned again. Lesalia n talent. Ye got talent, dontcha, lad? An seein as yer father seems t go there so much, he jus might know sometin we dont, hm?

Janek stared blankly at the seeq before hanging his head, jumping to conclusions. Just my luck. This trip is really for my father to set me up with a grandiose life, isnt it? Nothing to do with my cousins induction into an order at all.

Two hours later

Dropping the two parchments on the table, Janek tilted his head. So, this bill and this...project, are connected? he asked, a tad incredulous.

Hynek nodded. Yes, son, and I consider myself fortunate that Baron Van Hassel brought me in on this. He sat back slowly, waiting for Janek to digest more of this new information. There is an initial screening, I am told, but he thinks highly of your potential.

Janek shook his head in amazement. Um, Father, this is Van Hassel, right? He does know I havent actually specialized in one particular thing as a clan member, right?

What about that time you spend on learning things backward and forward in theory? Hynek pointed his chin at the bookcase behind his sons back. Your shelves are almost full of your books and notes, and Ive seen your, uh He snapped his fingers, trying to come up with an adequate word. ...your rough draft of a piercing spell.

Blushing slightly, Janek protested, Its not all that great, I just tried to figure out what made Reflect tick--

What else could you do? his father interrupted. Hm? Given enough time and experience? When Janek didnt reply, he continued, Yes, its been done before, but you did that spell on your own. Van Hassel promised me that anyone who goes through with this project will profit greatly. You can use that kind of thing and, and, go further in life.

To what end? And why would that bangaa of all people want me to sign up?

As usual, the older man said nothing. Janek looked back at the first parchment, a copy of the bill at the pub, then at the second parchment, a more detailed version but still with gaps in the description. you really think Ill get better if I sign up for this?

...Yes, son.

Janek felt a peace within himself, a rare feeling of contentment. Then onward and upward. Off to Lesalia we go!