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Chapter 2: Kalos is Strange in Many Ways
Once they get to Sycammores lab
“Wow, this is a nice place. Pokemon islands sure take care of their places.” Flame said astonished.
“Yeah most building are either really nice or completely abandoned.” Sycammore replied while grabbing another Froakie pokeball.
“Why you grabbing another pokeball?” Flame asked.
“Another person is getting their starter today, wanna stick around? Might be able to travel with them.” Sycammore responded.
“Why not, beyond that I won’t be in this building much longer.” Flame got comfy to wait for the new trainer.
Later when the trainer arrives
A guy walks into the lab. “I am here for my starter.”
“That is wonderful.” Sycammor pops out the starters out of their pokeballs.
“I will chose Chespin.” The boy announced. Sycammore handed him Chespins pokeball, 5 pokeballs, and a pokedex.
“Great, I was thinking of heading off to Sinnoh.” The guy announced.
“Explore all the regions, make many friends.” Sycammore replied.
“Don’t you live here? Why not explore Kalos first?” Flame asked.
“I can explore Kalos anytime, besides I wanna save Kalos for later.” He answered.
“Oh by the way, what is your name?” Flame asked him.
“Dan, yours?” He replies.
“Flame.” He answers as an explosion happened outside.
“What was that?” Dan asked worried.
“It’s Team Disaster again, they are always terrorizing Kalos.” Sycammore responded.
“We can’t let them get away with this, Dan you coming?” Flame asked at the door.
“I’m right behind you.” Dan said.
Once outside where Team Disaster is
“What do you two think you are doing?” Flame asked the two.
“You dare to defy us?” The guy says.
“You can’t defeat Team Disaster, we are the best duo.” The girl says.
“I’m Mark.” Guy says.
“And I’m Harlin.” Woman says.
“Piplup Take care of these pesks.” Harlin says.
“Chimchar lets go.” Mark says. Both pokemon stand infront of them.
“Froakie lets go!” Flame releases Froakie and it appears infront of him.
“Chespin lets help out too.” Dan said as Chespin gets released right in front of him.
“Froakie use Bubble!” Flame commands.
“Chespin use Vine Whip!” Dan commanded. Bubble hits Chimchar and does a good deal of damage, Vine Whip hits Piplup and does some damage.
“Chimchar use Ember!” Mark commanded.
“Piplup use Bubble!” Harlin commanded. Chespin gets damaged badly, Froakie gets a little damaged.
“Dan, I got a plan. Follow my lead.” Flame said.
“Right.” Dan assured.
“Froakie use your frebbles and trap them.” Flame commanded. Chimchar and Piplup got stuck.
“Get out Piplup!.” Harlin commanded but Piplup couldn’t.
“Dan.” Flame commanded.
“Right, Chespin use Vine Whip!” Dan commanded. Chespin wraps vines around the two pokemon and fling them.
“Uh, we have something to do. COME BACK PIPLUP!” Harlin runs after her Piplup.
“I have to be with her.” Mark runs after her.
“Froakie good job, return.” Flame commanded and Froakie went inside its pokeball.
“Chespin you did great, return.” Dan said and Chespin went inside its pokeball. Sycammore runs out with Flames egg.
“Hey Flame, don’t forget your egg.” Sycammore said handing Flame his egg.
“Oh right, thanks Professor.” Flame said recieving his egg.
“Oh cool, you got an egg?” Dan asked exited.
“Yeah, my parents gave it to me. I wonder what pokemon is inside of it.” Flame wonders as the egg shakes a little.
“Well you two best be getting to Sinnoh.” Sycammore said.
“Oh right, ready Flame?” Dan asked.
“Yup, lets go!” Flame answered.