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Phew! Finally got myself an IC post posted. It's only my third one, while everyone else is like on their... sixth. I know I shouldn't worry about how much or how often others post, but I just don't feel there's much to it, unless I have my story interact with someone else's, you know?

Otherwise, it sort of feels I'm just writing this story for myself, and if I were doing that, there'd be no point in being here. What I'm ultimately getting at, is that if there's some other poor, lost soul in the Viridian Forest who'd like to do some interacting, through either a joined post or shorter, interaction-esque posts, I'd be all over that. I think I sort of need to have some shorter, burst-like posts to make up for me splooging out these large posts :P I'm gonna burn out at this rate.

So yeah, anyone wanna meet up, lemme know :3

Other than that, on the note of TMs; I agree, one-use are alot more challenging and fun. On the note of more plot; WOOT. That is all. On the note of gym leader levels; I think having a set level for a gym leader is fine, even if I did prefer the other method for more... sandboxy stuff. However, this is more like a story, with a bit of wriggle-room, so I think the levels that Red said she'd use is the best choice of action.

As to WHO the leaders are... I suppose you guys agreed they're the ones from the red/blue game or the anime? I didn't quite catch that :x
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