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    So hey c: Reserve me for Lopmon, if you don't mind~
    Name: Dahlia Serena
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Dahlia sports long flowing black hair, pastel red eyes, and very pale skin. She wears a huge dark red shoulder-less top with long sleeves that cover up to the end of her fingers. The edges are laced with small, white decorations. The top is tight over her chest, but starts to get baggy when it passes her waist and reaches just over her knees, where the top stops, but the sleeves are loose. Underneath she wears black shorts, but are covered completely by the top. Dahlia wears black tights and dark red boots. She also likes to wear her dark red french hat [so much dark red, no? xD ].

    History: Dahlia was born into a broken family. Her father was rather drunk and abusive, opposite to her mother. As an only child, she didn't learn how to socialize well due to being homeschooled by her mother. Growing up to love the arts, math, and science, her father saw her as a weak child. Not only was she not athletically-talented or quick to react, but she was quiet, fragile, and unable to stand for herself. This caused constant arguments between her parents, giving her bad memories as she grew in the household. As she grew, they only got worse. It wasn't until she had turned 13 that her father had died. Driving under the influence, his car collided head-on with a truck. Not only was Dahlia deeply scarred for life, but her mother began to turn depressed. Fortunately, Dahlia took this as a challenge of a sort. Her mother would never clean or do anything anymore, leaving her to do all the chores around her house. The only time her mother would ever leave the house was for groceries or for Dahlia's school meetings.

    Entering High School wasn't as hard as she had thought. Sure, her personality caused her to become rather forgiving and for others to get the best of her; but everybody loved her. Some were plain evil and took advantage of her by ordering her to carry their books or do their homework for them. Others simply watched from afar, admiring the fact she manages to keep a smile and have no grudge against anybody. The only person she hated... was herself. By the time she had turned 16, she had a pretty solid group of friends, although none she would consider true friends.

    Personality: Dahlia is a very reserved, quiet, smart girl. She tends to put others over herself, and doesn't say much at first. Unfortunately she has a very low self-esteem, and always puts up a smile; even if deep inside she's broken. She doesn't want anybody sad or in despair, and tries her best to help anybody she can. If anybody were to attack her or hurt her, she wouldn't feel any hatred or fight back. She believes everybody is good on the inside, which is why she treats everybody with an open heart. Due to this, she puts her heart to her sleeves; easy to break, easy to read. However, she's completely loyal, and when she has complete trust or true love for somebody, she's willing to go far for them. She lets her emotions get the best of her, and easily forgives anybody.

    Unfortunately she's very gullible, quiet, indecisive, and gets scared rather easily. Rare is it when she decides to do something for herself, but when she does, she won't stop until she's finished. Speaking of which, she tends to let others boss her around, and she doesn't mind it.

    Digimon: Lopmon
    Level: 12
    Appearance: Unlike most Lopmon, this one in particular carries a broken middle horn.
    Personality: Cold, if not chilly, she can be very quiet and brutally honest. She always remains calm in the worst of situations, and has her own way of showing her feelings. She's the kind of digimon who expresses via actions rather than words. Whenever she does speak however, it's very little. She answers truthfully and hard to please. However she has a caring heart and is quite patient.
    Already Obtained: Nein
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