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    I am a noop i will admit it.
    Palm Reader Plusle - Advice From The Heavens:

    If you put a cake on your head, press the ? key on your keyboard five tiems and shout Makaluja, the name of your true love appears on the screen. Although it's more likely to work if you invite your best mate to watch.
    If it Rains, all the rocks turn white and the streets are flooded with water, Groudon is in your garden.
    If you eat Ryvita dipped in melted cheese and milkshake, followed by 67, 951.231178 Gallons of lemonade exactly, then shout makahulajahariiuokiliminjaroi, a braindead dog will bite your rival in the ass before the sun sets.
    Next year.
    If a cat says Woof, you need to wake up.

    That's all for now.