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    Originally Posted by Manganum View Post
    No. The 3DS engine is completely different from the DS. Yes, they could remake RSE using the DS engine, but then they would be (legally) forced to market the games under a dying console. BW2 will be the last Pokemon games made for the DS.
    I dunno about that. Remember Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue? They were the same game, one being for GBA and one being for DS with slight enhancements. That was probably a much bigger leap, and they made it work. I think if they want to make the remakes on the 3DS they could easily do something similar to BW but reprogrammed and enhanced to work for the 3DS. It'd probably be quicker and easier than it would be for them to make something from scratch.

    But I'm not sure if they're even really ready to move Pokemon onto the 3DS. Even BW2 being for the DS instead of the 3DS is still a little surprising to me, since the DS ought to be a "dying console" by now. But it does make sense, considering the 3DS hasn't been doing as well as expected. And, since the 3DS can play DS games just as well, it makes the games more available to more people. So I really wouldn't be too surprised to see RSE remakes for the DS, and if they are for the 3DS I wouldn't expect much of an upgrade from BW2.