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    Originally Posted by Dragon-Tamer795 View Post
    Just how short is Episode 9 going to be?
    About as short as Episode 5 (i.e the amount of game play between Shelly and Shade's gyms)
    But I've decided to expand the content a bit, so I will for sure be releasing them separately.

    Originally Posted by frankiesay View Post
    colors catching pokemon area dispersal levels
    Glad you're enjoying it on the whole!
    In regards to colours, yeah, that's definitely intentional. Something I've noticed in my... almost ten years of working on games as a hobby is that I actually tend to use more vivid colours than other developers. Just in this case, the colours of all the early areas are pretty much just... the black industrial city....... yes. that. Once you get into Apophyll and the Wasteland, I think you might see a bit more of my visual flare. ^^;
    I'm finding myself consistently toning down wild encounter rates in the foresty areas for that reason. We'll see. This is a WIP progress after all. I do agree 2-3 plant areas in a row at the beginning was kind of eeeh, but I think it's worked out. With the level cap, that's also open to change as things go on. I'll be adjusting the curve of the game once it's complete as well. Ideally, I want to end at level 100, I just don't want to risk hitting that part too early, so I'm playing it low for now. Bear with me!

    Anyway, speaking of more colors, getting screens for the next episode in here finally!

    Awwh, now isn't this a cute little town you have here! It would be shame if something were to--

    ...wait what
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