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Oh my...

You have many scripts, some of them aren't even made for v17. Also, the namy only doesn't help much. For instance there are multiple Scripts that add a gamemode to your game. So we don't know which script you're using. At this rate nobody can and will help you, beaucse noone will be digging through all this code and fix your problems.

So here's my suggestion: Add one script at the time and look if it's compatible with your essentials version. If so, you can add the next script. If a error appears, try to locate it und see what could be possibly wrong with it. Then repeat.

If you get stuck, maybe someone here can help you. But no one will download all the scripts, look at their copy and tell you what could be wrong with your game.
I got it. I will do that! (Its what i do now uhahuahuahu...)

Ty ty <3

Also, please use English. No other languages are allowed in normal threads.
Ok Marin! :D

So, when i find the issue, i will edit the post. Im deletin every script and i will make one by one.

See ya!