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Originally Posted by TaichiWind View Post
I downloaded the beta. I spawned in a tree.

I'm not sure if I did something wrong or you did something wrong... but either way it makes the entire thing completely unplayable without WTW cheats.
I screwed up. Funny, i was trying out something and i got thru the intro and what you said happened. I fixed it will upload the fixed beta right now.

And i have to ask someone that knows about hexing. I added a bunch of 00s to the end of the rom and tried it out and it still worked. I wanna know if i keep using this rom will it f up eventually.

Put fixed link. Thanks TaichiWind!

Added croagunk/toxicroak update. This includes the croagunk line, route 33, and a new intro pokemon which i will put a screen up for. Till next time...

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