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    Set me up with a reservation if you will! This is a different take on Nuzlockes, and I like it! Just tweaking an idea and getting a original rp out of it. I don't think I've seen an RP like this in the corner so I would be happy to participate! I can get in a SU today since I have nothing really special going on. Anyway, great idea for a rp.

    Edit: Well, here is my SU. This will be challenging but I hope to overcome it!

    Name: Aron Ultmos
    Age: 16

    Personality: Aron is a trainer that enjoys one thing more than anything else in the world, training. He has always wanted to be the strongest in the world and to become champion in at least one region. Even though that hasn't happened yet Aron is determined to fulfill his life's dream and so has mainly stuck to using only six pokemon he has caught. Every day he wakes up at the crack of dawn and releases his pokemon so that they can train in the morning and once more has them train right before bed. Aron knows the training is very tough since he himself also does his own training consisting of physical activity. Throughout the day if they do not meet up with other trainers on the road Aron will have his pokemon participate in mock battles against each other to keep them occupied.

    During the few times he does get into a town to heal up his pokemon he will let them have a free day where they will not have to participate in training but can run around and just have fun however they see fit. Despite whatever training he puts them through Aron always makes sure that his pokemon know why he makes them train so much. Despite the sometimes harsh exercises he has them perform he makes sure that his pokemon are always well fed and at peak condition and more importantly are happy. He has heard many stories of unhappy pokemon not obeying their trainers and does not want all of his hard work to be brushed away simply because he pushed his pokemon too far.

    When Aron interacts with other trainers he will show respect depending on how strong their pokemon are. If the trainer has been doing their best in raising their pokemon and making them stronger then Aron will be more friendly toward them. If they instead just show their pokmeon love and can't train their pokemon effectively then he simply ignores them.

    Team (Pokemon, abilities, moves):
    (Meter) Marowak ♂ - Rock Head
    Bonemerang, Bone Rush, Earthquake, Ice Beam

    (Quintus) Alakazam ♂ - Snychronize
    Future Sight, Calm Mind, Thunder Wave, Psychic

    (Saul) Blaziken ♂ - Blaze
    Blaze Kick, Bulk Up, Flare Blitz, Solarbeam

    (Aquos) Golduck ♂ - Cloud Nine
    Hydro Pump, Water Pulse, Aerial Ace, Blizzard

    (Bruce) Machamp ♂ - Guts
    Cross Chop, Poison Jab, Bulldoze, Seismic Toss

    (Terra) Garchomp ♂ - Sand Veil
    Dragon Rush, Crunch, Brick Break, Protect

    A summary of how they spent their preparation day: Aron prepared his team by having them exercise like they always did, simply practicing their attacks on the land but this time he didn't let them perform mock battles since there would be no pokemon centers around here and if any of them were seriously injured then that would put him at a great disadvantage already.

    Other useful info: Aron first started his journey in Hoenn with his starter Saul. Even before he received Saul Aron already had a competitive attitude and right from the beginning had Saul training non stop to quickly evolve him into a Combusken. As the two traveled around Hoenn Aron's party grew and although he gave it his best he did not get through the Hoenn league and lost in the second round. Still, he traveled to other regions and picked up two more team members to give his team a greater balance.

    When he was invited to the tournament Aron had no idea about the rules, but seeing as he can't get back to the main land he instead wants to win and will do all that he can to win and strengthen his team.