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    Originally Posted by lx_theo View Post
    Okay, D. Lawride, I had a similar problem. It comes up enoent or whateever it was when playing the actual game (not debug mode) during situations when the file its referring to is out of date.

    I had a problem earlier with it having the same problem with 'trainers.dat' for me. When I looked it up, the fix was simple as downloading the latest essentials and replacing the file with the new version.

    Maybe custom scripts could be making it not work, but otherwise that should fix it, unless I'm really overlooking something.
    Hm, the enoent part is the one referring to the battles. So you mean that downloading the latest version Essentials and replacing a file is the solution, but what file do you mean? debuglog.txt or something else?

    As for custom scripts, I don't have any, so I think that's ruled out.