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    Here it is. Kinda short, but I'm a bit tired, plus I'm not really a verbose person.

    Name: Rebecca "Becky" Banks

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Becky is petite girl, only 4'11" tall. She has short black hair in a boyish cut. Her eyes are dark brown and her skin is tan. She has a baby face, which along with her small stature maker her appear much younger than she actually is. She typically wears simple and practical clothing, her favorite attire being her red striped tank top and black shorts with tennis shoes.

    Personality: There's nothing Becky hates more in the world than being called "cute." Especially so when coupled with words like "small" or "little." If she ever hears it out of someone, she will instantly snap, because she is not cute. She is seventeen years old, darn it. She doesn't say darn it, of course. She actually has quite a sailor mouth when she's angry. Usually, people learn pretty quick not to mess with her.

    When she's happy, she's quite a pleasant person. She's always full of energy, no matter the situation. She isn't very strong physically, but she makes up for it with willpower. She's always ready and able to help out, or try something new. She can be rather blunt at times, but she means well. At least, she does if you don't cross her. Fortunately, she only holds grudges if you do something truly terrible.

    History: Becky grew up in the island of Dewford Town. Being such a small place, she spent most of her time exploring the caves and playing in the ocean. Her parents divorced when she was rather young, so she had been living with her father for as far back as she can remember. Life was pretty simple, and she enjoyed her time there, but she always wanted to travel the rest of Hoenn. When she was 15, she did leave her small island home and moved to Lilycove City to live with her mother. It was a great change of pace, and she enjoyed the new sights and sounds.

    However, one thing she didn't like was her mother. She was obsessed with turning Becky into a girly girl, dressing her up in frilly dresses like a doll. Saying that she hated it would be an understatement. They often got in fights that turned really nasty. Eventually the bad outweighed the good, and she had to move back to Dewford Town. She still wanted to see the world, but she didn't want to deal with that again. Besides, she didn't have a Pokemon of her own. So, when she received the letter from Professor Birch, she was thrilled. She immediately packed her bags and boarded on the first ship out of Dewford, after saying goodbye to her dad of course.

    Since she spends most of her time outdoors, she doesn't know there are cat videos on the internet!

    Also, the Pokemon she wants is Mudkip.

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