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    Originally Posted by tokinini View Post
    I am a beginner spriter and i am making a pokemon game.
    I was wondering how you make the sprites backgrounds transparent like that...
    In the game, When i put the sprites I make into it, they appear all white and blocky in the game(in the background of the sprite)... How do you guys make it so that you see them just normal?
    (sorry if I don't put much detail into my problem)

    Question #2:with FlameGuru's starter kit, How do you make it so that a trainer battles you on the spot rather that having to see you(and have that exclamation mark appear above their head)?

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions,
    for the transparent backgrounds, it's actually really easy, all you need to do is take the sprite, and put it somewhere you can easily find it (i usually just do the desk top) them, color the whole background one color, a color that is not in the sprite, then, go to the rmxp editor, click on tools, then on materialbase, then click on what kind of sprite it is (if it's an over world sprite (the kind that walk around) then choose character) then, click "import" and then find the file, when you find it, you will be given the option of what color to make invisable, and what color to make translusent, just chooce them (if you don't want a translucent color, then choose the same one as the invicable color)

    and there you go, the background is invisable.

    for the second question, i am going to asume you mean you want the player to talk to them, and then they battler, just set an event , and put the triger to action button. that should do it.

    Originally Posted by PoKéMaKeR View Post
    at darkerarceus
    Are you making the game with the starterkit?
    Yes I Just wanna make a region map like the sinnoh region map
    but my own the way I like it!
    just use the map editor in the starter kit.

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