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"Well, things have turned for the worse." Spike, along with Kirlia by his side, was standing in the middle of Spear Pillar in the middle of Sinnoh. He was waiting for someone to come with a certain clothing. Apparently he lost his shirt somewhere in the caves while on his way here. Pretty stupid if you think about it. Spike then heard footsteps. A girl appeared wearing a purple shirt & a pink skirt, holding something. "Did you get it?" Asked Spike.

"I do." Answered the mysterious girl, walking over to Spike & handing him his green shirt. However, instead of putting it on he tied it around his waist. No way he's losing this again. "Why not just put it on?" Asked the girl who giggled.

"You know I only wear it when needed!" Spike chuckled. He then started eyeing the girl. "Why are you still in disguise? Their's no one here."

The girl looked around for a moment, then sighed. She started glowing. She was changing form. She was no ordinary human. She was a Pokemon, & not just a Pokemon. She was the legendary Latias.

"It just feels safer so no one finds me." Answered Latias. Spike only chuckled.

"Well, we got what we needed, so we can go now." Latias squealed in excitement, but something was still bothering her.

"Great! But...why did we come to the Spear Pillar again?"

"Why not? It's a pretty cool place"

"We could've just flown here or teleported y'know."

"You know I hate flying! & warping here would just take the fun out of it."

Kirlia was smiling at their conversation. It was nice to have a trainer like Spike around. He nudged at his short. "Can we go now?" He asked.

Spike looked down at Kirlia. "Sure. Latias, warp us." Spike turned to Latias waiting for what's gonna happen next.

"Can do!" The next thing he knew, Spike was at the Legendary Rebel's hideout. It's good to see this place again. Mew! Latias was currently telepathically contacting Mew. Me & Spike have arrived at the hideout! We will await the other legendaries.

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