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Mauve Banzett and Zoey Winters

Current Party:

In... Rustboro City!

Earlier, on this day....
After the entire incident passed, and having witnessed Steven stone himself catching the legendary beheomoth, Mauve and Zoey had taken their Pokemon to the nearby Pokemon Center. Despite the level of destruction that occured all over Rustboro City, the Pokemon Center was well intact. In fact, all Pokemon Centers are readily prepared for virtually any "conventional" catastrophies that occur in the Pokemon World.

(It's funny, because there are countless catastrophies that can occur in the Pokemon World.)

After waiting in the lobby, Nurse Joy had brought back Fuego and Yuki. Mauve, meanwhile, was thinking about everything that occurred, and especially how Steven Stone literally swooped in, and managed to capture a legendary Pokemon. He felt he, too, should try to step up. At the very least, give Zoey the battle she was more than likely wanting.

"Hey, Zoey, now that our Pokemon are all good and healthy again... how about we have a battle?" Mauve felt like this was the right time to ask her to a battle, now that everything went back to normal. Also, not only did he feel she was going to ask him first, but he wanted to knock her down a peg or two.

Zoey, who was about to more or less just up and leave with Yuki, paused at the sound of Mauve's question. Initially, the pink-haired teenager just wanted to hurry up and get her journey under way properly. While the whole mess in town was an interesting and somewhat life-threatening situation to begin with, the girl honestly found that she wouldn't mind putting as much distance between herself and Rustboro City as she possibly could. Of course, this also would lead to her putting some distance between herself and Mauve, another fact that Zoey did not seem to mind in the slightest bit. However when the boy suggested that the two of them have a battle, it was more than enough to stop Zoey dead in her tracks.

She still had not managed to get over the fact that he more or less stole her first victory against the wild Pokmon that were attacking the city away, not to mention the fact that his grand plan had almost managed to get them killed, and all to save some random duo who she was absolutely certain she would never see again. Yes, the prospect of wiping the floor with this boy was simply too much for Zoey to pass up.

"If you're really feeling up to it," Zoey remarked. A confident smirk graced her lips as she turned to face Mauve and his Magby properly. "Just don't be a poor sport when you end up losing, understand?"

Mauve returned the cheeky smirk, and nodded in agreement. "I should say the same to you, princess. How about we have our battle right here?" Fuego huffed a cloud of smog, before hopping to the ground and spitting small flames, as they flickered and fell to the ground. This was the rising curtain of his, and his partner's, journey. Mauve was itching for a battle, however foreign the feeling felt to him.

The young man straightened up, and could feel his heart beating just a little bit faster. He felt pretty glad she accepted, otherwise that would've been awkward. Not to mention, embarrassing.

"Fuego, we can handle this with ease. Her icy coldness won't stand for long, eh?" Fuego nodded, and turned back to the opposing trainer and her Vulpix.

Zoey sighed, rolling her eyes at Mauve's plan. "Are you stupid or something...? Right here?! Are you trying to get us banned from using Pokmon Centers?!"

"... Oh, uh... yeah, maybe at the edge of town, then?" Mauve realized he didn't say WHERE to have the battle, and right outside the Pokemon Center wouldn't be the best spot.

"Fine, uh... let's battle at the edge of town." Mauve pointed at the northern exit of Rustboro City, a route that stretched out to a small beach, and the side of a mountain.

"Fine, whatever... Now let's get this over with. The sooner I wipe the floor with you, the sooner I can get my journey started properly," Zoey stated rather bluntly.


Mauve and Zoey had agreed to a battle before they made their seperate ways. The two walked a fair distance apart as they headed just for the edge of town, where their first leg of their journeys would begin. Mauve was feeling tense, but still had a fair amount of confidence.

After dealing with a Legendary like that metal monster, he gained a new sense of awareness that he had what it takes to be a trainer. Not only that, but he was raring to battle.

The two squared off just outside the city gates, facing each other. The ocean breeze swirled around them, and the very air felt invigorating.

"Are you sure you wanna go through with this?" Zoey questioned, a wide grin stretched across her face. "It's not too late for you to back down, you know!"

Mauve scoffed Zoey, blowing off her smugness. "Nah, but thanks for the offer. I'm ready for a battle. But, are you?" Mauve gave her a nasty smirk, before Fuego jumped off his shoulder, stepping onto the field.

Zoey didn't even dignfy the boy's comment with a response. Rather, all the talking was done through Yuki. The Alolan Vulpix seemed to scoff at both Mauve and the Magby as she proudly pranced forward. Her tails swished back and forth as she eyed Fuego, clearly eager to get this battle under way. The ice Pokmon even went as far as to proudly puff her chest out as a manner of taunting him.

"Ooohh, your Vulpix is just as haughty as you are. You can have the first move, princess." Mauve jokingly curtsied at Zoey, Fuego smirked, and mimicked his trainer's taunt.

"Alright, Yuki! Start off by attacking with Powder Snow!" Zoey ordered.

The Alolan Vulpix let out a howl of excitement as she lunged forward. She took a deep breath, before exhaling a chilling blast of air aimed directly for Mauve's Magby. Flakes of snow were quick to develop in the air, with even a few bits of ice being mixed into the attack.

The chill had hit Fuego with a real burst, bit it only managed to make him shiver. "Fuego, use Smog!" Fuego huffed and puffed, then exhumed a dark, noxious gas from his beak, swirling towards the Vulpix.

Zoey's eyes widened at the sight, but she was quick to counter. "Yuki, use Powder Snow again! Try to blow it back!" Yuki took another breath and attempted to try and blow the noxious fumes back in the direction of the Magby.

Both the Smog and the Powder Snow met in unison, causing them both to instead fade away. A perfect counter by Zoey.

However, Mauve smirked, and called out, "Alright Fuego, Feint Attack!" The Magby rushed in, past the dwindling attacks and attempted to side swipe the Vulpix.

Zoey didn't have time to react as the Magby's claws swiped right into her Vulpix. Yuki staggered backwards, letting out a pained wine as she did so. Thankfully, the Alolan Pokmon managed to keep her footing and stay standing. She shot Fuego a rather nasty glare, much to Zoey's relief.

"Hang in there, Yuki! Use Ice Shard!" Zoey shouted.

Yuki tails begin to sway back and forth as a frosty wind began to kick up. The air circled around, collecting just above the ice Pokmon's tails, before they crystalized into rather frigid looking spears. Yuki let out a proud howl as the ice shards suddenly shot forward, resembling frigid missles that were all homing in on the Magby without delay.

"Woah, what an attack! Fuego, do-" But it was no use, because Fuego was pelted by the attack pretty well. It did knock down Fuego, but he got back up. "Alright, fine, I guess it's time to turn it up. Fuego, Ember!"

However, Fuego sneezed with great force, and the Ember attack flew above the Vulpix, making Mauve's eyes bulge wide. "FUEGO! NO!"

Zoey's eyes widened as the fire attack completely missed her Vulpix and instead was heading straight for her. The pink-haired teenager quickly tried to duck out of the way, but she wasn't quick enough to get out of the attack's path completely. Zoey cursed as the fire smacked into her hand... or rather, the Pokgear she had been carrying in her hand. The phone was quick to fling out of her grip, catching ablaze at that same exact moment as it flipped through the air, before hitting against a rock... and snapping in two. Zoey stared at her now burning, broken phone in complete, absolute horror.

"What... how..." she whispered, before turning to face Mauve and Fuego. "You... This is all your fault!"

Mauve cowered in fear, stuttering and unsure what the hell just happened. Meanwhile, Fuego just kinda chilled around. realizing it may have messed up.

"Daaahhh... uhh... w-what about... uh...." Clearly unable to speak, Mauve couldn't think of a way to fix this mess.

"Do you have any idea what you just did?! That Pokgear was one-of-a-kind, designed and sold through Elesa's exclusive brand and imported all the way from Nimbasa City in Unova! I'll have you know that it cost an absolute fortune, probably more money than one of your upbringing will ever see in their lifetime!" Zoey snapped, glaring at Mauve with absolute hate.

He only continued to shrink in terror, the gravity of the situation now crushing him like a Golem on top of a Surskit. "L-Look... uh... we can work something out... totally Heheheh," he said with a shaky laughter.

Fuego already left the battlefield, clearly seeing this fight was over. He crawled back onto his trainer, but clung on the back of his bag.

"Work it out...? Alright, let's work it out. That phone cost mother ? 1,000,000... how much do you have on you?" Zoey inquired.

"N-n-nahh... not enough...." Mauve only had enough for supplies, about ?500 that he was given from his guardians before he set off. "Well... all I have is ?500."

He felt no fear like the hatred that exuded from Zoey. He wasn't sure if she was going to beat him for it, or demand a contract. His mouth got dry, and he could feel beads of cold sweat drip down.

Truly, hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn.

"Of course you don't..." Zoey muttered, rolling her eyes. She had no idea what even possessed her to bother asking such a fruitless question in the first place. "Well... there's only one way to settle this from here, then. I'll have to hire you... I guess..."

"... Hire?" Mauve muttered, confusedly. "Err... what do you mean?" Mauve had a creeping suspicion about what she was gonna demand of him. And after he and Fuego accidentally torched her expensive tech, he felt he had no choice, no matter what she said.

"Do I really need to spell it out for you?" Zoey sighed. "You're paying me back for my Pokgear, one way or another. So you're going to follow me on this journey, got it? Every dime you earn is mine until you pay it back!"

Damn. Should've seen that coming.

"Well... looks like it," he muttered. He sighed, and resigned himself to his fate. "Alright... you got yourself a deal." Mauve scratched his head, and bowed at the waist and blurted out, "Fuego and I am sorry. I'll help pay you back." It was a pathetic apology, but he really didn't want to be on a future hit list.

Or even more, mysteriously fell off a cliff to his death.

"So, uh... what should we do?" He asked, raising himself up and asked, hoping she'd allow him to grab his supplies. He forgot to get himself potions and a few Pokeballs.

"Simple... You're going to get us supplies. Meanwhile, I'll be waiting right here! And don't think for a second that you can skip out me, got it?! I've got ways to hunt you down make you regret it if you do," Zoey threatened.

Mauve skulked off back to the city streets, off to the local Pokemon center.

Yikes, what the hell just happened? Not to mention... WHY?!