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    Originally Posted by Legendary Trainer
    1. May is twice as dumb as Ash.
    She isn't really dumb, she just lacks common sense. Really lacks common sense.
    2. May dislikes pokemon battles but enters Pokemon contests.
    I don't think she dislikes battles, since she battling is part of the anime contests. However, I think she pretty much enters contests to show off.
    3. Max goes to Pokemon school in Rustboro.
    No, he just goes there for one day as part of Gym Leader Roxanne's special offer.
    4. What are their personalties?
    May is pretty much just like the cliche'd magical girl/ schoolgirl personality (no offence May fans - I'm obviously not one of them), only she isn't a tomboy and she's...well, less honest than most of the protagonists of the show. She guilt trips, makes excuses, etc. Max is really smart, likes to show off even more than May does, and isn't the most sensitive person around. Meaning, he doesn't really care about upsetting people or making them angry. But he really is a kind person, as show in the upcoming sixth movie, even if he is a little bratty.
    1. Is May the new Misty?
    Not really, unless you consider them both nothing more than the official females of the show.
    2. Anything that May or Max like / dislike?
    May dislikes hard work, pokemon at first, and being critisized. Max dislikes being wrong.
    3. What's Max's reason for joining Ash's group?
    He just wanted to go on adventures, kind of like May (except that he acutally likes pokemon and wants to learn about them).
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