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The hacks here are very very good; lots of members found out about PC thanks to the hacks too, including me. I have Shiny Gold to thank for me finding PokeCommunity. n_n Great choice in trying them out! Welcome, Elvoz. :)

So is that what you're here for primarily? I'm sure you'll have a whole lot to do if you like to play the fangames we have but you can also try to make your own since the Emulation & ROM Hacking board has lots of tools. And of course there are plenty of both Pokemon and non-Pokemon boards to try out as well. Whether you're into music, art, roleplaying, or forum games and the like.

Have an awesome day 'round the community, 'kay! Be sure to stick around for a long while so your username doesn't go to waste. It rolls off the tongue really nicely. See you around. <3

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