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    Actually, I'd like some answers to this, as well. While it's true that you can simply implement the graphical assets to make it look like the GB games, just how accurately can you get it to emulate the GBC? For example, I haven't seen scanline-based effects shown in any game built on RMXP -- effects like the ones used for Double Team, Surf, Psychic, Transform, Confusion, and Hydro Pump, and each one has their own method of distorting sprites. So, I don't know if these effects are possible on RMXP. Are they?

    Also, how accurately can you emulate the sound chip used for .GBS audio? I could do something as simple as playing an .mp3 of a GB track, but what I'd rather do is play each channel of the music separately so certain sound effects can mute specific audio channels when they play, just like in the GB games. It would be even easier if there were a .GBS audio codec that could be supported somehow by RMXP.
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