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    Originally Posted by stocko View Post
    So, I've got a few questions here, any help is appreciated :)

    1. I'm attempting to change the pokemon logo on the title screen of emerald. The image goes across fine but the palette I'm changing in APE does not seem to do anything. I'm using this offset in APE 00DDE258, does anyone have any ideas what's wrong?

    2. I was wondering whether it would be possible to make it that rather than having a choice of boy/girl in the beginning of the game whether it would work to have it so you have multiple characters to choose from? Or is there a script function to change the characters OW? or does it require ASM?

    Thanks :)
    1. I searched using the Pallet editor in VBA on my BPEE rom and found the offset of the Rayquaza's pallet in the title screen to be 0x00DDE418 and the pallet for the glow on its body to be at 0x00D8BA54.

    2. You can change the character in FireRed using JPAN's hacked engine. To make the change at the beginning in the selection area will require ASM or a very, very fancy script with lots of variables and picture boxes.

    Look in the spoiler for a past post on removing the intro. From their, if you know what flags and stuff to write, you could try writing your own ASM or script to make it work:

    Originally Posted by SpadeEdge16 View Post
    So, I got this idea for my game that I really want to do, but I'm not sure how, or if I even can, but would it be possible to have gameplay before the actual intro of the game? This is what im thinking of doing: The game starts right away, youre playing as a little boy, you do a small pre mission kinda deal, then it fast forwards to the present, and thats where the game starts, you tell the prof your name, and so on. Because my character will be living in pallet town and I want to show some background like where he was before then, because i want it to make sense as to why hes there now. How could I do this? And how difficult would it be if possible?

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