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    Chapter 3 - Bernkastel Vermillia - Demon District

    "In order to burn it down, the games would have to have started.... As for Ryuu, if we attempt to kill him beforehand and we are unsuccessful, it'll make Marisa's situation worse. We just got to prepare Marisa for this." I said quietly. "When people go into the arena, they're allowed to take one symbol for themselves. Take these," I pull out three necklaces. Not those cheap ones, but handmade ones. A gold string that holds together a binding of different stones. Each is different.... I am careful with which necklace I give to everyone. I handed Marisa the one with darker stones. Kerin got the one with shiny, transparent stones. Finally, Fang got the necklace with a glittering stone. These necklaces... I had three more to give out. I still had one for Xavier, but I wouldn't be giving his until later. I stood, and brushed myself off.

    "W-well... The future can, but sometimes it won't change... Uu. Thankies, Bern-sama." She smiles brightly at me, and looks the necklace over in her hand. She won't find anything dangerous about it. It's just a necklace. But, it tugged at my heart to see her acting so strong, when there was a good possibility that she would die. I guess you had to be optimistic, in her case.

    Vergil's eyes flickered to the necklace in Kerin's hand in particular, and gave me a questioning look. I just gave him a shrug. Fang raised his eyebrows, and asked. "Do these have some sort of weird power?" Alright, he got me. All I answered with, was "It'll help you."
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