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"Alchemy..." Kerin made a face. He knew next to nothing about it. Well, a little. His own adoptive father had used it a little, being a priest and all. Kerin had watched him once or twice make small charms to keep away bad luck and evil spirits but they didn't even look as interesting nor as impressive as these rocks. Okay, so the life-death cycle? That must refer to... wait. Kerin leaned back from Marisa and looked down at his stomach. Where was that feeling, that twisting sensation in his gut he got when he thought about his family? There... there was a small feeling there, but it was nothing like that awkward, anxious feeling. Hmm. Weird.

"Well, that sounds... cool," Kerin looked back at his own necklace. What else could Bernkastel do then? Summon monsters, make protection stones, kill people with ease. She was like a witch or something. Wait, had somebody said that before? "So what do you guys want to do now?"
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