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    Hey sorry about this but i think i found some bugs, so I'm posting them here. (I think they are bugs but they might not be)

    Bug #1- In Brock's city the guy that should be blocking the exit lets you pass and if you talk to him from the left the hero will go down and that guy will disapear so I got to misty's city and I beat her and i didn't get the first badge and i cant go back so i got stuck at Misty' city. Can't go back

    Bug #2- when I got to the third badge city, I didnt need to use cut before going to the gym so there wasn't any tree there

    Bug #3- I went to the route before rock tunnel (I still didn't use cut, so the tree was missing again) and when i fought the first trainer in that route I got low on hp, and when I was heading back... woops... the tree showed up again and i got stuck.

    So I had to continue... I got trough the tunnel and then.... there is wall in the way to lavaridge town and i cant go back or forward.(I know this isn't a bug i was wondering for you to tell me why is this wall here)

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