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@The Cynic: Well for now you'll just have to wait for it to drain away as it isn't actually supposed to be there.

Sorry for not updating for ages, I promised screens and sprites but these three things are all I have for now.

Updated Kindlewood town, let me know if you like the gym more than before:

And I've been able to beg these battle backgrounds off Dew, he didn't make them, they're from a japanese game but it took a while to get the link ;)
Here they are, but be warned, the image is tens of thousands of pixels wide:
What do you think?

I also made the front page look a lot better.

Btw, since I changed the front page image shack uploads won't work on it, and since photobucket lowers the quality too much I've been forced to use tiny pic. Anyone know a solution to this problem?

Demo Beta out Now!