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    Meh, I was defeated by bugsy...
    In storm silver she has 6 pokemon, she's ridiculously overpowered!
    Guess I had to level up my party more..
    Anyhow, I'll start over and try again.
    The rules are the same:
    Can't use gifted pokemon, only the first pokemon encountered in each area.
    Limit of 3 heals per center, limit of 10 items per mart.
    Use only poke balls to catch pokemons.
    This time I will do it!

    Alright, first update on my Storm Silver run!
    I caught a Hoothoot on route 29, named him Keibriados.
    I caught a Numel on route 49, named him Vulcan. Unfortunately it died at lv.7 while battling a trainer :(
    I caught a Magikarp in Cherrygrove City with the old rod, named her Failkarp. Unsurprisingly, it was slain soon after.
    I caught a Weedle on route 30, named her Duelista.
    I caught a Bellsprout on route 31, named him Oklob. It was slain in the Bell Tower... Irony?
    I caught a Sandshrew in the Dark Cave, named her Almalexia.
    In the Bell Tower, then, I found a Spinda! Managed to catch her, named her Psyche.
    I tried fishing again in Violet City, and this time found a Poliwag. I caught and named her Ilsuiw.
    I then went to train in the outskirts of Violet City, on route 32, where I found and caught a Drifloon, named Glorx Vloq.
    I am now preparing to face Falkner, and this is my party:
    Duelista the lv.15 Beedrill
    Poisong Sting, Twinneedle, Bug Bite, Fury Attack

    Almalexia the lv.14 Sandshrew
    Scratch, Defense Curl, Sand-Attack, Poison Sting

    Ilsuiw the lv.12 Poliwag
    Water Sport, Bubble, Hypnosis, Water Gun

    Keibriados the lv.12 Hoothoot
    Tackle, Growl, Hypnosis, Air Cutter

    Psyche the lv.13 Spinda
    Tackle, Uproar, Copycat

    Glorx Vloq the lv.13 Drifloon
    Constrict, Minimize, Astonish, Gust