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It was no surprise to Jack that the Spinarak he had battled was too weak to evade capture. After a few moments of the Pokeball rolling on the grass, the red LED turned off, indicating to Jack that his party had just doubled in size. Charmander went over to it and nudged it slowly with his snout to see if its foe was hiding under the red and white orb, but backed away when his master came over and picked up the Pokeball. With the press of a button, the Spinarak manifested once again beside the duo. The Fire-Type was on guard and prepared to attack, but it was unnecessary. The Spinarak was severely weakened from the previous fight and in no condition to struggle against the two. This state wouldn’t suffice for Jack, as he needed his Pokémon in good health for training. Out of his backpack, he retrieved a Potion and began to spray the injured areas with the healing remedies found within.

In moments, the spider Pokémon started to recover, and it was clear that its strength was restored. It looked around and saw the Charmander she had been fighting not five minutes ago. Both Pokémon were on edge and aggressive snarls and cries were traded before Jack intervened. ”ENOUGH!,” he exclaimed loudly, which startled both Pokémon. With his Pokémon now looking up at him, the Unovan continued, ”No more bickering. You’re both on the same team now, so act like it.” He gave a scolding look to both Pokémon as he spoke to show dominance over the two. In his experience, Pokémon will in time follow orders as if they were defending their family from danger, but in the beginning it was important to show newcomers that the Trainer was the alpha in the situation.

Before he time to continue, a rustling could be heard from a nearby brush. Unknowing if it was a wild Pokémon hiding or something else, Jack determined that it would be best to investigate in the case of it being something to worry about. He gave Charmander the order to flush it out, and the red lizard began to run around the brush in a circle to flank whatever lie within. Instead of charging straight into the foliage as he would’ve liked to do, the fire Pokémon followed his orders and stuck his tail inside to scare it out. The trick worked better than plan, as a Teddiursa emerged from the leaves in fear of being burned. The tiny bear was clearly skittish, since it had only taken a moment of Charmander’s tail being inside to get him out, and the live plants barely began to burn, causing no fire.

”You’re up, Spinarak.” Jack said to his new Pokémon. She looked up at him and began to shake her head to signify that she understood the command. ”Just follow my orders and you should win this in no time. Now, lead off with a String Shot to slow it down, and then use Poison Sting.” With no time to waste, the small green Pokémon scurried closer to the Teddiursa to confront it. Unwilling to fight but seemingly with no choice, the little bear with the crescent moon crest prepared for incoming attacks. Following her orders wonderfully, Spinarak lead the battle off with a stream of her String Shot aimed at Teddiursa’s feet. Like with the battle with Charmander, her aim was impeccable and in a split second was all it took to cake the foe’s feet in a sticky goop that prevented much movement.

Now frantically scratching away at the silky substance, Teddiursa had no time to think of a counter attack, and as left open for another attack by Spinarak. Using the distraction of the Teddiursa trying to free himself, the big green bug hurried to the side of her opponent in a flanking fashion. Unseen, she pounced on her prey, driving her head stinger through the thin layer of fur protecting the bear’s skin just as he removed his feet from the String Shot. The attack broke through the skin to complete her attack before backing off to observe how much damage she caused. While the wild Pokémon cried in pain from the initial attack, it was unclear to both Jack and his Spinarak if the Poison Sting had actually caused a poisoning effect, or if the Teddiursa’s natural antibodies from a diet consisting primarily of honey had given it a stronger immune system.

Now freed from the spider’s trap, the small bear countered the attack by scratching her on the head with his honey soaked paws. The claws did damage, and scratch marks were slightly visible on the hard exoskeleton of the arachnid. Jumping backwards, she prepared to let loose the ranged variant of the Poison Sting attack. Before her attack hit, the teddy bear let loose a Sweet Scent, wharfing a pleasant smelling aroma into Spinarak’s vicinity. She still managed to initiate the Poison Sting, and tiny poisonous needles showered the Teddiursa. But the aroma was too much for the tiny spider, and she halted her attack early to soak in the sweet smell that engulfed her. Through the hue of the cloud caused by Teddiursa, Jack noticed that the bear Pokémon began to breathe heavier and more erratic. Whether it the first or second attack that did it, the fury critter was definitely poisoned.

The aroma cloud began to disperse, and with it returned Spinarak’s will to battle. Before the battle could continue, large and heavy footprints shook the nearby bushes and were followed with a ferocious snarling noise. Out from behind the Teddiursa, an Ursaring appeared with a vicious look on its face. ”Crap, it’s the mother bear.” Jack said to himself as the hulking brute stood next to her offspring. Jack ordered his Charmander into the fray, seeing as how this now could constitute as a double battle. He didn’t think they’d be able to win in their present state but Jack hoped that his two Pokémon could at least intimidate it into leaving him alone.

Jack couldn’t have been more wrong with his plan. Even though he ordered both his Pokémon to attack the mother with Dragon Pulse and Poison Sting, the attacks seemed to do very little damage to the large bear. The Teddiursa, instead of attacking, chose to climb up onto his mother and climb to the back tufts of fur around her neck. Preparing to attack, the Ursaring used a Leer attack to gaze at both Pokémon, lowering their defenses as the bear began to unnerve them. The new opponent was at too high of a level for either one of his Pokémon to take on, and Jack new it as time to call it quits. ”It’s too powerful. Leg it!” Jack ordered to his team. In sync with each other, the spider and the lizard broke off and ran with Jack away from the bear, which proceeded to give chase. This mama bear was angered, and it would be no small feat to escape her rage.

Running for dear life, the three had to brave the obstacle course of rock and vegetation ahead of them to evade the Ursaring, who appeared to be closing the distance. Hatching a plan in his head, the Unovan Trainer gave his team orders. ”Spinarak, use String Shot on the trees behind us to slow it down. Charmander, prepare to use Dragon Pulse. NOW!” Jack turned around a pointed to the trees he wanted Spinarak to shoot, and without any sort of hesitation, the Spinarak began to connect the trees with various silky strings in multiple different angles while Charmander began to form a dark blue energy ball from its mouth.

Unsurprisingly, the Ursaring began to run through the first couple string shots as though they were nothing. It’s either level and weight meant that more string would be needed to actually stop the beast in its tracks, but the tension did slow its movement down some. Still, the blind rage of the mother bear gave her the unwise impulse to ignore the web strings to attack. With each string shot she walked through, it became increasingly more difficult for her to move forward until she came to a halt after becoming ensnared in the final shot. The Ursaring stood there for only a moment before Jack’s order to fire came, but in the moment, the Trainer could tell much from the faces his opponents displayed. The Teddiursa was still poisoned and becoming weaker by the second while the Ursaring’s anger showed without fail and was foaming at the mouth.

”Okay, fire Dragon Pulse and Poison String now!” Jack commanded, hoping this volley would fare better than the first. The Poison Sting hit first, but didn’t seem to break through the thick fur of the foe, and the Dragon Pulse hit the Ursaring directly in her chest. The impact from the last blast weakened the first few layers of strong, and the bear once again began moving forward. ”Frig! Keep running!” he ordered once again, and for the second time the trio began to sprint away. The Ursaring’s arms were freed from their confines, and with a slash from her massive claws, the impromptu web was demolished. Even angrier than before, the large Pokémon began to use Fury Swipes at nearby trees as she passed them and threw the debris created towards Jack and his team.

Now dodging projectiles, Jack made the executive decision to climb a nearby tree. Spinarak, being perfect for this job, climbed the large tree first and used her string shot to pull her master and Charmander up the tree as it had very few ranches for them to climb up near the base. The Ursaring appeared at the base of the tree and growled at the three. Jack sighed in relief as he began to plan how they would escape this unfortunate predicament, though he believed this seemingly good luck to be out of place. He pulled out his old Pokedex that he had since his beginning days as a trainer and thought to himself out loud. ”Wait…I think Ursarings can climb trees.”

As if on cue, the large bear began to sink her claws into the bark of the tree and started to climb up. Cursing this series of unfortunate events, Jack was left with no choice but to think of his way out quickly or risk being mauled to death. Having an idea, he ordered his Spinarak to swing over to a nearby tree while ordering Charmander to unleash another Dragon Pulse to slow down the opponent’s advance. ”Spinarak, use Rage Powder to draw its attention!,” he called out at the same time the Charmander’s attack hit the Ursaring in the face. From her thorax, a reddish mist secreted down towards Ursaring. Releasing an enraged growl, the powerful bear jumped from the tree it as on and clawed her way onto Spinarak’s tree. Giving the small spider a Leer, the Ursaring succeeded to lowering her defenses through intimidation yet again.

The Teddiursa on her back looked to be in bad shape, being poisoned for almost a half hour by now and currently shaking on his mother’s fur. It was weak, and Jack could tell. If the child would grow up to be anything like the mother, it would be a powerful asset to his team and there was no denying it. Taking out a Pokeball, Jack threw it at the Teddiursa. The small bear was entrapped inside the spherical device and it began to shake and roll about as the wild Pokémon began to struggle against being captured while his mother continued to climb up the tree.
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