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    Chapter 1-1, Raiso At Sandgem

    Raiso’s journey hadn’t gone all that smooth. Although his smile was confidently plastered across his face, he was slowly facing fatigue. His eyes slowly began to droop, and he thought back to why he was coming.... A Pokemon! And as if that were all the fuel he needed, the last apple in his backpack wasn’t wasted, and he ran the way to Sandgem Town.

    It was at Sandgem town where he stopped, and he was breathing heavily. He walked and opened the laboratory door, and it was like he had just entered either Utopia... or the seventh ring of hell. It wasn’t that he was disappointed he was getting a Pokemon, it was the cost that was hinted to come with it. The Legends League.

    “Hey, how are you?”
    “I am a Professor, I have a title.”
    “Excuse me, Professor.” Raiso had no hint of rudeness or sarcasm in his voice as he said it.
    “It’s fine, it’s fine. Just call me Rowan.”
    “Ummm, OK, Rowan, so I’m Raiso- as you may or may not know... and I’m here for my Pokemon!”
    “Oh yes- I was waiting for you, here they are. Which one would you like?” Raiso quickly made up his mind.
    “Larvitar, please.” He grabbed the PokeBall and let the Pokemon out.
    “Yes, you are a Larvi- ouch, hey!” The Pokemon quickly bashed the side of Raiso’s leg playfully. It felt rough, and...
    “Rocky! I guess I already have a nickname for you.”
    “Right.” Rowan was abrupt and serious. “Well, I hate to leave certain things in someone else’s hands, but I need a favor. I selected you and 14 individuals...” Raiso looked around. There were other people around. He smiled at them. “...and I need you to take care of some people called the Life Keepers. These people have been stealing lives from different people, and you are going to defeat them at their own game.”
    “So you’re asking me to become a murderer?”
    “No, it’s been approved by the Legends League.”
    “The Legends League? Really? I’m a new trainer, and that’s what you’re going to ask me?” Rowan leaned forward, as if he was going to give a serious lecture. “Sure!” Raiso answered, “why not?” His smile, although unfitting and odd, was still in place, even after the argument he proposed. “Not like I have anything to lose.” His face was suddenly deep and serious, although the slightest hint of a smirk stayed. “I’ll do my best.”
    “Alright.” Rowan said. “Well, now it’s time for this, the Life Meter. You must wear it at all times. You can install programs at your leisure, and... If the meter goes down to zero, well...” Rowan frowned. “You’re dead.”

    The cold metal snapped on to Raiso’s wrist, leaving him suddenly beginning to regret his decision.

    ---An hour later---

    The cold strap almost ate into his skin, and the number 50 nearly scared him to death. His life was now a game. He began to laugh. “My life, once important, is now a game... How exciting! An adventure!” Raiso’s optimistic side took the better of him, and many people were frowning, mentally scolding him. He didn’t care, because he had nothing to lose. His mother ignorant, his grandmother dead, his sister too young, his father missing- there was no one who was really important to him. “Cept’ for Rocky, of course!” Raiso looked down at his new green friend, who was eager to be out of his PokeBall. “Maybe too eager...” Raiso said doubtfully, as the Pokemon ran around. He couldn’t blame it. He was young. The green creature hopped onto Raiso’s shoulder, and Raiso began to think. Rowan had said that he should go get some supplies. "The first place to do that... would be a PokeMart!"
    "Uh, yeah. Thank you for your support, Rocky."
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