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    Originally Posted by Sage Ghetsis View Post
    I can offer you Entei, Groudon, Giratina, Thundurus, and Meloetta. I can offer more I just didn't want to overwhelm you at once. You can give me whatever seems fair to you. I can clone them all on Gen 5 and transfer them so it's not a big deal to me to get something special.
    Sweet! I'm definitely interested in getting those guys. There's nothing you're looking for right now?

    Originally Posted by XpokeX View Post
    Hi im interested in your cottonee,I can offer a 5-6 IV HA Egg move chimchar(thunderpunch and fire punch)

    I can also offer a 4-6 IV scyther with technician
    I have both of those guys unfortunately. Is there anything else you have?

    Originally Posted by Arcanine039 View Post
    I'm interested Chespin bulletproof w/ curse, synthesis, spikes, I have Jolly Tyrunt with Poison, fire and Ice Fang, with Dragon Dance and 5 IV's. Not sure what Chespin's IV's are, 4-5 Perfect IV's would be nice.
    The Chespin I have with the moves right now is 3iv, I can try breeding for a 4 or 5if you'd like
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