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@Vegeta: Yeah. Speaking of which, exactly how much of the Alpha Alliance army is left? That also impacts how much chance there would be of success. If they were beaten in the first place, back when they were still in power, then it's still unlikely that they'd be able to beat the evil empire.

However, it obviously still depends on whether or not the Gold Tribe succeeds in their endeavor to free Auron of his curse. Or perhaps they will discover exactly where the ancients come from and cut off the endless 'supply' of prehistoric meanies. Who knows? Well, Vegeta knows, but that's beside the point. I enjoy making educated guesses.
But I'm just saiyan. :P

@Delphini: Actually, it got back up only a minute or two after it went down. I waited for a little bit and it was almost instantly working again. Didn't have to wait the entire night. LOL
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