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Instead of hints, let's just talk about what we think we'll see/want to see in them then, haha. I know speculation covers a lot of everything else we've all talked about, but that seems to be doing more damage than good really and everyone's just getting sidetracked. :S
This is the reason I wish I had waited till we had an official announcement, because all speculation consists of at the moment is where they'd fit in the timeline, "hints", and all that crap and debates I don't like reading. Makes this thread really, really unenjoyable, in all honesty. I much prefer speculating not if there will be remakes, or when, or why there won't be. I like talking about what we want to see in our redone Hoenn. Though one might argue "hurrr that'll just get your hopes up and we won't get a remake" Actually, in the early days of the old thread, it was just that. A few hints there and there, but not the timeline and hardware and generation debates. Not that I don't appreciate the enthusiasm and activity from the debates, but it gets to be the same thing over and over and it's just not enjoyable to read. So no offense to anyone that does that. It's just my personal opinion on it.

As I mentioned before, does anyone think Altering Cave will get better use this time? The 3DS' streetpass/spotpass could be perfect for something like that, along with that Special storage box paper thing(where you can get the Pikachu wallpaper) and Secret Bases of course.

I also wonder how Mirage Island will come into play this time. It was a real pain to access before, although understandable, just hope they'd make it a more realistic chance this time.

Do you think they'll expand on the Safari Zone?

Is anyone looking forward to being able to plant berries all over again? It's one of the things that gave Hoenn its more natural feel, so I'd hope they wouldn't leave it out.
I would love for Altering Cave to come back with easier mechanics. Though, aren't the Pokemon that appear in the there also the Pokemon that appear in Emerald's extended Safari Zone? Safari Zone in mind, I would like it if they kept the extensions, along with the new Pokemon added in Emerald, even if it's an RS remake. There's a thread in the adv gen forum about how you felt about the region dex, and quite a few people wanted what was in the extended SZ to be in the regular dex. I agree. It adds more variety and some of those Pokemon just fit well into Hoenn, I think. Even though they weren't in the original dexes, I think it would be a good addition, along with the new evolutions of Hoenn Dex Pokemon (Magnezone, Froslass, Roserade, etc).

Mirage Island I'm sure would make a come back. It's not something I care much for though, because I never saw it haha.

And my batteries in RS have died, so I forget about planting berries really, even in Emerald even though my battery isn't dead for that game. I used to really enjoy berries as a kid though, cause I also did lots of contests, so naturally, I was using berries to make Pokeblocks. I would like more incentive to plant berries again though, so if they are remade, I would probably plant berries and do contests, if they're back as well and not too corny like DPPt's Super Contests.

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