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    Greyson Cole - Rootdry Town => Ferrow Forest

    "Cinder, return!" Greyson commanded as he pointed his pokeball at his companion.

    He turned back towards the lab and walked to the door. His hand hovered over the door as he contemplated in going in.

    I do not really want to have to talk to the professor again, but I do not exactly have money for supplies...

    Greyson opened the door and peaked his head in.
    "Professor?" he called out into the room.
    "Yes?" Professor Pine responded as she came out of the room where Greyson got Cinder.
    "I was wondering if I could get some supplies.." he inquired quietly.
    "Of course! Come on in. I actually have some supplies pack repaired!" She beckoned as she went back into the room she had just came out of.

    Alright then..

    Greyson entered completely into the building and as he got half way to the door she exited with a parcel. "Here you go!" she said as she tossed it to him.
    "OH!" Greyson blurted as he caught it in surprise. "Thank you!"
    "No problem. Now be on your way! The rest have already entered the forest." she replied.

    Greyson nodded at her and turned back to the door as he stuck the parcel in his bag. He walked to it stumbling a bit and exited. As Greyson walked around the building he stared at the forest analyzing all the different spots he could enter.

    I really hope I do not run into that Houndoom again. Not until I am stronger at least.

    As Greyson spotted the largest opening, he went straight towards it, stopping at the wood lines in fear of being attacked again. Grabbing his pokeball, he got the courage to push forward and took his first step into Ferrow Forest.

    Death to Plasma?

    Sorry it took so long. Got a bit busy with a second job.

    Pokemon Trainer Academy - Issac Milke
    Pokemon Plasma - Greyson Cole
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