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    chapter one: COLETTE / Rootdry Town.1

    Sunlight broke through the clouds and shone right in her face. Colette let out a soft moan as she started waking up. ‘’Ugh, stupid sun… Wait, what time is it?’’
    ‘’Yer almost ther’, missy. Rootdry Town, ho!’’ sounded the gruff voice of the bus driver. ‘’O-Oh. Right… Thanks!’’ Colette answered, still a bit sleepy. She quickly wiped off the bit of drool that stuck to the right side of her mouth, and got ready to get off.
    The bus stopped at a small wooden hut with a bus sign next to it. ‘’Thanks!’’ Colette said as she hopped off, after which the bus left. She looked around. She had arrived in a large valley that was completely green. Bright flowers sprouted from the fields, and lots of birds and seemed to enjoy flying around in the soft breeze. A small stream ran by the bus stop, accompanied by a sign:「ROOTDRY TOWN →
    She took out a sandwich from her backpack, took off following the stream, towards the town center, taking in as much of the beautiful scenery as she could.

    After about 15 minutes of walking, the tall building was finally there. Professor Pine’s research lab looked extremely modern, with the smooth white walls and square, seemingly randomly placed square windows. Higher up on the building, at the third and fourth floor, it seemed the entire white wall had been replaced with glass all over the side of the building. On closer inspection however, part of the glass was in fact a large solar panel. It was hooked up to a large machine Colette could see through the window, but she couldn't even begin to fathom what it would be used for. Colette stood in front of the building for a little while. Back home, in Mossdeep, the Space Center was the same kind of modernized lab. A wave of nostalgia hit Colette as she bit her lip, reminiscing of home.

    She went inside, and a hallway stretched out in front of her, with separate rooms without doors to her left and right. She walked further and looked into every one she passed. Some lab assistants were doing experiments or working on their computers, but none of them came up when they saw Colette stroll through the hallways. She became a little shy; nobody coming up to her made her feel like she wasn’t supposed to be in here. The hallway ended in a large, open lab room, where a woman in a lab coat was writing in a journal. Colette walked up to her.
    ‘’Um… Hello? Are you--’’
    The woman jumped up, startled. Apparently she hadn’t heard Colette come up to her…
    ‘’Oh! Goodness gracious, you scared me.’’ She looked down at her journal, which now had a large pen stripe down the page, due to the shock. She sighed and turned to Colette.
    ‘’Who are you? Do you have some kind of business here? …Wait, could you be another trainer who wants to set out to counter Plasma?’’
    ‘’Well, yes. If that’s alright… You’re the professor?’’ Colette murmured, looking anywhere but the professor’s face.
    ‘’Indeed I am! Professor Pine, pleased to make your acquaintance.’’ She excitedly shook Colette’s hand. ‘’Ahh, this is wonderful! I thought nobody else would come! Right this way.’’ She put her hand on Colette’s shoulder and immediately took her to a separate room.
    ‘’These are the Pokémon I have for you!’’ She showcased all the Pokéballs available, each labelled with the Pokémon inside. Colette stared at them one by one.
    ‘’… I can take… any of these?’’
    ‘’Yes! Well, no. Some have already been taken by other trainers, you see.’’ She showed the empty Chimchar Pokéball to start with. ‘’But you can take any you like of the ones that are left! Go right ahead!’’ With a pat on the back, the Professor left Colette to choose by herself.
    Colette walked up to the table and contemplated about the Pokémon a little while. She thought which would be the best to take up into the fight to Ghetsis… One that could resist Kyurem and Genesect… But her mind was made up right from the start. She picked up a ball and let the little Pokémon out.

    death to plasma?
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