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    Shadow Adler

    [SIZE="4"]Shadow stared at the rocking pokeball. Once.... twice... three times... until.... click. Shadow was in shock, had he really just caught a pokemon?! He went over and picked up the pokeball, Nip still in his arms. He opened it up and his newly caught Pikachu stared at him. Shadow smiled, he then rummaged his pockets for Nip's pokeball.
    "Sorry buddy, have a nice rest ok?" Shadow said as Nip went back into his pokeball. "Hello there" he said to the pikachu. "We are going to be friends from now on, and Nip is our friend as well, he just needs a rest" Shadow said, hoping there would be a pokemon center, or someone willing to heal Nip nearby. The pikachu walked up to Shadow slowly and observed him, he wasn't sure about Shadow. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you" Shadow said holding his hand out. The pikachu edged slowly but ran back, the pikachu seemed shy. "It's ok, take your time. I know it's hard to get to know people" Shadow said smiling. He sat for a while, waiting for the pikachu to feel confident around him. Although he knew he needed to help Nip, he needed to make sure the pikachu trusted him, so he wasn't just going to put him into his pokeball and get going. Beside Shadow still felt on edge in the forest and having a pokemon by his side would help him feel safer. And soon the pikachu went over to Shadow and started sniffing at his stripped glove, it was a bit tatty towards the end of it. They where old, Shadow found it on the street and wore it from then, also Nip got at them earlier. Shadow didn't mind, he thought it look better that way. When the pikachu touch the glove it jumped back. But went back to Shadow sooner than he thought. He climbed onto Shadow, and Shadow stood up the pikachu in his arms. "Good job, see it's not so bad is it" Shadow said smiling at Pikachu. And he set off, it was quiet, almost silent. Shadow although he was happy to have Pikachu with him really wanted Nip to get healed ASAP.
    "Pika....." Shadow stopped and looked at pikachu, he seemed terrified. Then Shadow saw a shadow of a man approach them. He jumped into a bush and hid, Pikachu hiding in Shadows hat.
    "They're gonna kill me!, They're gonna kill me!" Shadow looked out and saw a man in a brown vest and cap muttering that phrase over and over. 'Who? Who is going to kill him? What the heck is in here?' He was walking towards a house, Shadow was shocked he didn't see it earlier. He debated with himself on if he should or should not go to the house. He could get Nip healed.... but the man scared him, he seemed slightly senile.... But there might be something in the forest, something that could kill him. And what could a senile man do to him, wait that could lead to death too he thought. Or he could get kidnapped like Jack.... He missed Jack, he would have loved this, exploring a forest. He just wished everyone else would believe he was kidnapped, Jack wouldn't run away. Shadow put those thoughts aside, plucked up courage and got out of the bush Pikachu still in his hat. He took careful steps following the man, his mutters getting louder. 'Please don't let me die' I don't want to die' Shadow kept saying in his head, hoping someone would hear his thoughts and help him. Where are the other trainers, there was defiantly more in Rootdry Town. He should have got the courage to talk to people, but he wasn't very sociable... He looked for MP3 player and put one headphone in and put the loudest song he could on. He tried to drown out the mans mad mutters. But it got its way into Shadows head, and he kept looking back. He saw the man enter the house, Shadow slowly walked over. His hand hovered near the door, but he panicked and pulled it back and he sat by the door music blasting in his ear, Pikachu still in Shadows hat. /SIZE]

    Music Is The Escape
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