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    Chapter 2: Javier Serrano || Ferrow Forest

    ''Should we split up?'' Colette asked. Javier looked around the area and saw nothing that could point in the direction the kid ran off. The leaves did not trace any path through the forest, and no footsteps were imprinted on the muddy path.

    I guess. It seems that is the best thing to do. So, meet you again, somewhere. Good luck,” Javier started to retrace his steps, when he suddenly decided to turn around. “I’m Javier Serrano, by the way.” Javier ran off. He was worried that the girl might insist on searching for the thief together, and he’d had enough company for the day. Good thing she thought of searching the forest independently. Javier was retracing their steps back to where Colette tripped. I guess a little bit of company would not hurt, either way. Javier got Mudkip’s Pokeball and threw it. The Mud Fish Pokémon appeared in a flash of red light.

    Kip?” The Pokémon looked at Javier with curious eyes. He picked it up. Mudkip squirmed from his touch but relaxed when Javier looked at it straight in its eyes. It started to nibble on one of Javier’s fingers. “Shall I name you?” The Pokémon ignored him and was happily nibbling Javier’s thumb. “I guess you have to have a name, not just simply Mudkip. Let’s try… uhmm… Axel?” The Mudkip continued on ignoring Javier. “Never mind. We’ll get to that later.” He let down the Pokémon. “C’mon, Let’s find that guy.” Something rustled in the bushes behind him. Javier turned towards the bush. It continued to rustle vigorously.

    Let’s see what you are made of! Axel- I mean, Mudkip!” The Mudkip bounded in front of Javier, its eyes gleaming. Out of the bushes emerged a Deerling, holding a branch of Oran Berries in its mouth. “Mudkip! Tackle!” Mudkip crashed into the Deerling with such intensity that the Oran Berry branch flew away from its mouth. The Deerling looked at Mudkip furiously. It growled. Mudkip cowered with the sound. “Hold your ground! Tackle!” Mudkip crashed into the Deerling once again, but it countered with another Tackle. Mudkip flew and crashed into the ground. Mudkip stood up, and tackled again. The Deerling fell with the Tackle. “Wait, Mudkip! Let’s try our luck for our first partner!” Javier threw his Pokeball. The same red light sucked in the Deerling and beeped. Javier waited with bated breath.

    The Deerling popped out after one shake of the Pokeball. Both Javier and Mudkip looked confused "Wait, wha-?" Before Javier could even processed what happened, the Deerling disappeared into the bushes behind it. "Where'd it go?" Mudkip bounded into the foliage and sent a blind tackle. The Deerling reappeared once more, its eyes gleaming. It started to growl.Guess this whole catching business is not really my thing. "Okay, Mudkip! Let's try this again! Flank that Deerling on its left and use Tackle!" Mudkip bounded towards the Deerling's left.

    However, the Deerling seemed to understand the confusion caused by it using Camouflage. It used it again, disappearing into the forestry once more. Javier could hear it rustling away. "No! Come, Ax-Mudkip!" The two of them followed the sounds of shaking grass. It finally stopped short of a clearing. Javier could make out a silhouette of the Deerling. "I got you now. Axe-I mean Mudkip, Tackle!" Mudkip leaped and hit the Deerling squarely in the back. It slid back a few feet. However, despite its obvious fatigue, it managed to knock Mudkip back also. "Uhmm. Mudkip, Counter!" Mudkip glowed with a white light. It crashed into the bushes, both of them rolling head over paws. Javier followed and saw that both are still on their feet. However, both of them looked tired as Arceus on the seventh day. The Deerling rushed towards Mudkip, knocking Mudkip down to the ground but the impact took its toll on the Deerling. Its knees buckled, and it slumped to the ground. One more hit, and I'll try to catch it again. First times are seldom good, everybody know that. "Tackle! One more!" Javier took a Pokeball and threw it as Mudkip got to its feet and did one final Tackle. The Pokeball sucked the Deerling in as Mudkip crashed to the ground. Javier ran towards the Mudkip. It is in no state to battle yet. The Pokeball beeped and shook once...

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