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(Ooc: Can we keep posting here? I don't want this RP to die so easily.)

Some time will pass soon, Adriane was speaking to Teddiursa about 'inference'. Spike was starting to get a little bored of the quietness, waiting for the recording to start soon.

Then out of nowhere a Suicune appeared! Spike got cautious, & Combusken readied himself just in case. Adriane was pleading the Suicune. Why would she do that? Spike would've just gone & fought, but...that would just prove the legendaries right. Maybe pleading will be okay.

"Please listen. We're not like that trainer. I don't want to fight you." It was true that Spike didn't want to fight. Leafeon would be a good match-up, but Suicune was probably even stronger. No, no fight. Just speaking for now.

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