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>> AVA
>> Garrius, Palaven

After nobody had answered Avangeline's question and Varian and Alys (or was it Victoria now?) just disappeared, her and Nem left to go exploring. Of course, she wasn't allowed in a lot of places but she could admire the decor and imagine how much it was all worth. It was too bad everything was so heavily guarded, otherwise Ava could guarantee it would all go into her pocket and she would be out of this place faster than .

Dinner came and went and Avangeline was shown to her room. Again, it was probably one of the most well furnished places she had been since she had left her castle home in Falke, so she appreciated the comfort. And the sheets. Boy did they smell nice. It was a thousand and a half times better than what the merchant had given them. Maybe Avangeline could take the sheets and they wouldn't notice.

After she made a bed out of one of the many blankets on her bed for Nem, she slumped on the bed and it really didn't take long at all before she nodded off to sleep.

* * *

A bark and a lick on her face jolted Avangeline awake and she opened her eyes to see Nem over top of her, looking exceptionally worried. What was going on? Nem only did things like this if something bad was happening.

"What's going on, boy?"

There was a crash from outside and her door swung open. The marauder didn't waste any time and lunged at Avangeline, a glint from the light outside shining on his (or her) dagger, clutched rather menacingly. She rolled out of the way, landing a kick to the face, forcing him back onto the ground. Nem joined in, going for the neck. Avangeline picked up her things as her wolf pulled at his neck, turning her lovely white sheets into a murky red. Aw, now there was no use in taking it now that they were ruined.

She unsheathed her swords and made her way into the hall, greeted by a lack of guards and... someone was running towards her! She armed herself, but a bark from Nem told her it was a friendly. Oh! Varian!

"Varian!" Avangeline said, the Highman looking as tired as ever. "Do you know what's going on? Did a guy try and kill you too??"
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