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    I think the entire mamoswine evolution family are "underused" or "underestimated". They are have good stats(by their respective tiers' standard), good ability (thick fat makes it resistant to boltbeam), and FANTASTIC
    duel stabs. The only "downsides" to them are their horrible defensive typing and mediocre bulk.

    Now if you look at their rankings, you'd be surprised. Swinub is 87 in the december 2012 LC stats, piloswine is 23 in NU and 83 in RU, while mamoswine is 27 in OU and 75 in Ubers(where he actually functions best imo). Now, those stats aren't bad and doesn't mean that they are horribly underused, but they are decidedly average. Especially Mamoswine in Ubers, it 2hkos so much threats with a simple eq+ ice shard, and a lot of the premiere Uber walls are weak to ice(groudon lugia giratina arceus grass etc).

    I honestly think that the mamoswine family should be used more, and I encourage people to use Mamoswine in ubers. I promise that it wouldn't disappoint you :]
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