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    Simplified TCG?

    Well at the moment, I just got the deck to work how I wanted it... I now need to play around with how it looks... And the only heal cards I have are Potions.

    The game play will probably be; before the battle you select 1-6 cards, from your deck of 50, you battle an opponent to win, if you do, you claim one of theirs, if you lose, you lose one of your 1-6 you selected... How the battle looks is yet to be decided, it took me long enough to code in the deck and what that does lol... Plus with coding the booster packs to do what they should... And with all the different scene, screens... There are things definitely higher priority than how the battle will look... Although, I just looked at how Yu-Gi-Oh is played, and the concept there is pretty good, vertical cards can attack, horizontal can defend.

    With that said, I'm thinking it be turn based, equivalent to flipping a coin or something similar, to see who goes first... I'm currently looking to see if a sprite can be manipulated in more directions than just rotation, but upon viewing a Trainer Card, it seems possible a card can be flipped horizontal, so vertical should work the same... (Can they be manipulated to face up instead of always forward or facing us, what about down, left and right?)

    Items however, there will strictly be no revive card, no unbury card, no rebirth card, no card that can bring a fainted card back to life, once the card is beaten, it will be added to the defeated pile and will be forgotten about until the battle is over.

    I like questions being asked, but here yours seem somewhat more into the future than I'm planning right now.

    I'm going in a relaxed order on which I'm creating things:

    Booster Packs
    Pick Booster Pack
    Card In To Pokémon, Implementation
    Choose Hand

    So far this is where I'm at... Next things on my jobs list are:

    Pretty up the Pick Booster Pack Screen. (special effects, sounds, etc.)
    Pretty up the Deck Menu (how it will look and act, can a card be trashed, what will the card look like with an equip card, things like that.)

    Battling is a bit further into the future, I'm only one person remember, I have ideas, but I don't try to think to broad if I can't accomplish them, so I consider my options, and when I get to that part, that's when I figure it out.

    If you have an idea of what you think the battle could look like, I'll be happy to hear and discuss possibilities, as long as they can be accomplished with my abilities as a coder, another thing to remember, I'm not you, I'm not that good at coding, I do what I can, which I do to my best, so to you, this may sound simple, but to me and many people here, it's not an easy accomplishment.

    At the moment, the battling side doesn't work, I'm not that far yet, I can't leave things unfinished before moving on to the next task, it's not my nature.

    in any case, can you draw me a mental picture of how you would imagine the battles and items would go, my questions:

    Would you prefer the attacking part of the battle...
    Speed based?
    Level based?
    Player Rank based?

    What styles preferred?
    Triad Style? (board and cards)
    Pokémon Style? (monsters either side)

    I'm probably going to have equip cards, potions and a few other misc cards, Do you prefer they do something special or what they say on the tin?

    The cards themselves, would you prefer them to be card representations of the Pokémon, or more HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, SP Atk or SP Def, based?

    Answering and questioning your status question...
    I'm probably going to do something like:
    Poison and Burn, does your normal damage OR reduces HP by 10% nonetheless.
    Paralyze, Frozen and Flinch makes the received Pokémon miss a turn ONLY.
    Confuse reduces HP by some amount, probably 10% or I was thinking equal to your level*3.
    Any other effects I may consider moot.
    Do you have another way to look at these?

    Anything else to add, I'll be happy to hear, regarding anything from items, to systems.
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