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    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    Nope, still no idea what you're on about (unless you're just talking about rotating an image 90 degrees anticlockwise, but you already know that's possible). How about a picture?

    Well, the level of the card depicts what attacks and stats it has, a basic level 5, will have more moves and higher stats than a level 1, but lower than a level 10, yes, but a level 5 Bulbasaur beating a level 14 Bulbasaur seems unlikely even in a normal Pokémon game.

    Believe me, the cards won't be items... I haven't got time for that... I also think that's tacky... The cards themselves will be the Triad cards... And that's the reason why Triad cards are being used, because they already exist, however, they won't do nothing, they are literally just hard evidence you own cards, and how many of that specific card... Once the battle begins or menus are clicked or something, that's when it becomes something else and coding will take over.

    I'm probably keeping the team to 6, so the battles don't drive on forever, but yes, I was going to have the screen look something like this:

    You have your cards at the bottom-left, 1-6 of course... A.I has theirs at the top-right, 1-6 the same... The active card, (the highlighted blue diamond one), moves out the screen to a more led down position where the battle would begin by using the Pokémons battler... Looking at this in that perspective, I could probably just design a card-like, battle base.

    Oooh, by elemental, you mean move elements, like Thundershock being Electric? I thought you meant types for the cards themselves.
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