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    Penance 'Madman' Malum - ???

    Penance was rather stupefied throughout the whole ordeal. Yeah he had seen into another's mind before, but this was different. It was the Sentinel and yes... they could do this! He and the other psychics pushed their all into their efforts and... it worked. It looked as if the creature tried to possess them as well, but that soon changed as Delgue was outright murdered. Penance saw the Sentinel end up freed... but then it all ended. Penance pulled out, panting a bit from the ordeal and gazed down at the Sentinel and then up at the departing cloud before he began to smile and then he began to laugh.

    "It works! It freaking works!" He giggled as he danced about, "Yes! It worked initially! We freed Deluge, but then that smoke came and killed him! It seems that the creature is attached to those he takes control of, yet he was fearful of the crystal we had! Vigil, we need to rest for a bit... and then we do it again! This time you get closer, hug tight onto the Sentinel we target! This time I'm sure we'll get them freed! Might have to let them wear the crystal for a bit, but as long as we can see into his or her freed mind about the layout of the building or get some information then we'll be set in the open!" He giggled. "We can free them and they are still there! They know what goes on so it's all sealed! We save another Sentinel soon!" He shouted out as the psychics tiredly cheered.

    Cape City Prison

    The Leafeon followed after. "Whatever you all do, don't go into the tunnels. I have to stay around here and help, be careful Goldies." She shouted after them as she went down a different tunnel, the sounds of battle still on going.

    Madman's 'Home'

    As the door was torn off it's hinges the group of Sentinels would find only a few pokemon near the middle of the large area. The various houses were long abandoned by now and there were various papers and other trivial items left behind. "So... hope it wasn't too hard to find!" The Dewott spoke up. "I mean with all those twists and turns... it would be a shame to get so easily lost right?" He asked with a meager shrug.

    The Gligar nodded, "We have cake and stuff, left overs of course... if you're in the mood for that of course, though who wouldn't be? Ooooh... cake is always great for every single event of the day!" He finished with a small song.

    The other pokemon there was a Shinx that looked freaked out of his mind and was trembling a bit and a Nidoking that looked just about ready to pounce the Sentinels.

    "So... cake?" The Gligar asked.

    Cape City

    The entire city was alive with activity as the resisting Affiliates led the charge. They clashed all over the city with the Ancients, though any time a flag bearer fell another rose up to take up the flag. Morale seemed to be high as they pushed against the mindless creatures.